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Steering Agile Architecture Fundamentals

Video Description

How can we steer architecture toward a cohesive result in projects developed with agility? How do we judge the nature of this problem? These are some of the fundamental questions we answer in this introduction to a concrete approach of steering agile architecture. We build an argument and introduce the notion of software assessment as an essential discipline for decision making and steering agile architecture.

The goal of this video is to change the way software architects and developers perceive software architecture, especially in the context of a project developed with agility.

We start from the fundamentals and define our view of software architecture as a means of supporting decision making. We then go through several case studies to show how steering architecture can look in practice. We describe the daily approach to growing architecture by involving the entire team, and we distill the skills needed to make this happen. We further expand the lessons to deal with other facets of agile architecture and introduce the humane assessment method. Finally, we go deeper into the means of exposing architectural problems, and we pay particular attention to the nature of tools that should be involved in every software development project.