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Start Your Own Home Business ...In No Time

Book Description

Are you ready to find a better way of living and working? Millions of people just like you have found the career satisfaction they have always craved through starting their own business, whether as a full-time job or as a second income. Filled with practical advice, easy-to-follow to-do lists, and step-by-step planning and preparation, Start Your Own Home Business In No Time puts you on the road to small business ownership. Walk through the process of starting a home-based business—from evaluating your readiness to launch your own business, to writing a business plan, finding financing, setting up your office and equipment, getting legal issues and records in order and crafting a marketing plan that will build a strong client base. If you are like the many entrepreneurs who don't have the time to figure it all out on your own, let Start Your Own Home Business In No Time be your first step toward building the business of your dreams.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Tell Us What You Think!
  5. Introduction Welcome to a Better Way of Living and Working!
  6. Getting Ready
    1. Exposing Myths of Self-Employment
      1. Calculating the Costs and Risks of a Nine-to-Five Job
      2. Calculating the Costs and Risks of Self-Employment
      3. Summary
    2. Assessing Your Home-Business Readiness
      1. Understanding the Basics: True or False
      2. Ten Questions to Assess Your Home Business Potential
      3. Summary
    3. Creating Your Business Plan, Part 1: What, Where, When, and How
      1. Eliminating the Biggest Obstacles
      2. Creating the Framework of Your Business Plan
      3. Summary
    4. Creating Your Business Plan, Part 2: The Money Pages
      1. Creating Your Budget Spreadsheet
      2. Planning for Budget Items As Outlined in the Business Plan Form
      3. Accounting for Expenses As Listed in Schedule C
      4. Reviewing a Sample Business Budget Form
      5. Planning Your Incoming Funds: Where Will the Money Come From?
      6. Pursuing Other Sources of Funding
      7. Summary
    5. Setting Up Your Records and Preparing to Open for Business
      1. You'll need list
      2. Setting Up Basic Records
      3. Setting Up Your Office Space
      4. Summary
    6. Getting Technology You Really Need (and Only What You Need)
      1. You'll need list
      2. Meeting the Technology Needs of Your Business
      3. Designing and Maintaining a Business Website
      4. Summary
  7. Putting Your Plan to Work
    1. Marketing for the Real World
      1. You'll need list
      2. Understanding Real Marketing
      3. Marketing You and Your Business
      4. Using Professionals to Help You Market Your Business
      5. Summary
    2. Avoiding Expensive Mistakes
      1. You'll need list
      2. Making Financial Forecasting Work for Your Home Business
      3. Avoiding Risky Business
      4. Four Areas That Will Make or Break Your Success
      5. Summary
    3. Conserving Your Resources: Time, Money, and Health
      1. Managing Your Time
      2. Maintaining Your Health
      3. Conserving and Managing Your Money
      4. Summary
    4. “What I Did”: Five Home-Based Entrepreneurs Talk About Their Most Important Decisions and Dilemmas
      1. The Two-Business Couple—an Engineer and an Educational Consultant
      2. The Printer/Graphic Designer
      3. The Coach
      4. The QuickBooks Consultant
      5. Summary
  8. Appendix
    1. References and Resources
      1. Forms and Templates
      2. Helpful Resources
      3. Further Reading
  9. Index