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Start a Business for Less Than $2,000

Book Description

Millions of Americans are out of work. Their savings accounts have shrunk, and they’re taking out second mortgages and cashing in their retirement accounts to pay off overdue credit card bills. But the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America, as clear in initiatives like Small Business Saturday and And hundreds of thousands of courageous innovators have decided to start their own businesses. The question is—how much money will it take to do it successfully? Here are innovative, exciting ideas for businesses based on what the reader can afford. For each venture author Richard Walsh outlines start up expenses, probable earnings, qualifications, and gives the low down on what the business is really all about. This is the essential down-and-dirty guide for every aspiring entrepreneur who wants to select a business, get a business plan together, and join the small business revolution.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction
    1. How to Use This Book
    2. What Is Running Your Own Business Really Like?
  5. Legal Issues for Small Businesses
    1. Do You Need a Lawyer?
    2. Finding an Attorney
    3. Avoiding Legal Trouble
    4. Agreements
    5. Contracts
    6. Protecting Your Good Name
  6. Putting Together a Solid Business Plan
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Company Profile
    3. Product or Service Analysis
    4. Market Analysis
    5. Marketing Plan
    6. Financial Analysis
    7. Management and Advisory Team
  7. Why Some Start-Ups Fail (and How You Can Succeed)
    1. Primary Reasons Businesses Fail
    2. Primary Strategies for Survival
  8. The Businesses
    1. Airbrush Artist
    2. Apartment Preparation Service
    3. Aquarium Maintenance and Set-Up
    4. Arts Festival Promoter
    5. Athletic Recruiter/Scout
    6. Auctioneer
    7. Auto Paint Touch-Up Professional
    8. Automotive Loan Broker
    9. Band Manager
    10. Bartending Services
    11. Barter Systems
    12. Blade-Sharpening Service
    13. Blogger
    14. Boardinghouse Operator
    15. Book Indexer
    16. Bounty Hunter
    17. Cake Decorator
    18. Calligrapher
    19. Candlemaker
    20. Caning Specialist
    21. Cartoonist
    22. Child Care Referral Service
    23. Childbirth Instructor
    24. Children’s Party Planner
    25. College Application Consultant
    26. Comedy Writer
    27. Coupon Distributor
    28. Dog Trainer
    29. Doll Repair Service
    30. Etiquette Adviser
    31. Farm Sitter
    32. Feng Shui Consultant
    33. First-aid/CPR Instructor
    34. Garage Sale Coordinator
    35. Genealogical Service (Family History Writer)
    36. Gerontology Consultant
    37. Graphologist
    38. Handyman Network
    39. Health Insurance Consultant
    40. Homeschooling Consultant
    41. Horse Trainer
    42. Hospitality Service
    43. House Sitter/Caretaker
    44. Ice Sculptor
    45. Identity Theft Recovery Specialist
    46. In-Home Mail Service
    47. Incorporation Service for Businesses
    48. Interim Executive
    49. Jewelry Designer
    50. Jewelry/Clock/Watch Repair
    51. Kiosk Business
    52. Knitting/Crocheting Teacher
    53. Lactation Consultant
    54. Laundry/Ironing Service
    55. Lawn Care Service
    56. Literary Agent
    57. Magician
    58. Make-up Artist
    59. Mall Promotion
    60. Merchandise Demonstrator
    61. Mobile Book/Magazine Distributor
    62. Mobile Notary Public
    63. Mortgage Loan Broker
    64. Motor Vehicle Transportation
    65. Movie Site Scout
    66. Multilevel Marketing
    67. Mystery Shopper
    68. Nutrition Consultant
    69. Packing/Unpacking Service
    70. Party Planner
    71. Personal Chef
    72. Personal Instructor/Fitness Trainer
    73. Personal Menu Service
    74. Personal Shopper
    75. Personal Weight Management Consultant
    76. Pet Sitter
    77. Plant Maintenance Service
    78. Private Tutor
    79. Professional Organizer
    80. Real Estate Agent/Home Researcher
    81. Reminder Service
    82. Roommate Referral Service
    83. Stenciling
    84. Storyteller
    85. Stress Management Counselor
    86. Tailor
    87. Taste Tester for Food Companies
    88. Travel Consultant
    89. Vacation Rentals Broker
    90. Wellness Instructor
  9. Also Available
  10. Copyright Page
  11. Back Cover