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Sports Portraits: Tips and Techniques for Capturing Athletic Photographs

Book Description

Many companies offer sports team photo services–but with a little practice, you can learn how to take your own portraits of the athletes in your life! In Sports Portraits, author and photographer Alan Hess walks through everything you need to know to take great sports photos, showing how to capture amateur athletes in a flattering light. Starting with basics like camera and exposure settings, as well as the gear you need, he then moves on to topics like lighting, key techniques for taking indoor and outdoor portraits, and posing both individuals and groups.

Follow along with Alan and you will:

  • Learn your way around the gear you need to take great sports portraits, including cameras, lenses, lights, and other accessories

  • Develop an understanding of the intensity, color, and direction of light

  • Learn the best time, setup, and settings for shooting indoors and out

  • Get great tips on posing individual athletes and groups