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Spiritual Capital

Book Description

"Spiritual Capital" presents a new vision of capitalist society that transcends the greed, materialism, and meaninglessness so rampant today. It offers an idea of wealth, profit, and capital that's about more than simply money.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Preface
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction Changing Ourselves to Change the World
  7. 1 The Monster That Consumes Itself
    1. How It Is Now
    2. A Still Deeper Nonsustainability
    3. Another Way?
  8. 2 What Is Spiritual Capital?
    1. Merck’s Story
    2. Expanding Our Notion of Capital
    3. What I Mean by Spiritual
    4. The Bottom Line: Why It’s Good to Be Good
    5. Three Levels of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    6. The Wealth We Build by Building Ourselves
  9. 3 The Motivations That Drive Us
    1. The Scale of Motivations
  10. 4 Applying the Motivational Scale
    1. Familiar Motivations
    2. Advanced Motivations
    3. Shifting Our Motivations
  11. 5 SQ—Spiritual Intelligence
    1. Three Kinds of Intelligence
    2. SQ: Our Paradigm-Making and Paradigm-Breaking Intelligence
    3. The Scientific Evidence for SQ
    4. A Field of Shared Meaning
    5. What Became of Mats
  12. 6 The Twelve Principles of Transformation
  13. 7 Applying the Principles of Transformation
    1. Self-Awareness
    2. Spontaneity
    3. Vision and Value Led
    4. Holism
    5. Compassion
    6. Celebrate Diversity
    7. Field Independence
    8. Asking Why?
    9. Reframing
    10. The Positive Use of Adversity
    11. Humility
    12. A Sense of Vocation
    13. A Psychometric Instrument?
  14. 8 How Shift Happens
    1. The Role of Crisis
    2. Further Dynamics of Shift
    3. The Right Conditions for Shift
    4. Five Steps to Shift
  15. 9 Shifting Corporate Culture
    1. Behavioral Indicators of Shift
    2. Eight Issues That Focus Organizational Culture
    3. Indicators of Shift to a Culture That Fosters High SQ
  16. 10 A New Knights Templar?
    1. The Making of a Knight
    2. The Qualities of a Knight
    3. The Credo of a Knight
    4. Knights and Masters
    5. How Many Knights Are Needed?
  17. 11 Is It Still Capitalism?
    1. Dynamics of a Human Complex Adaptive System
    2. The Phase Change of Early Capitalism
    3. What Can “I” Do?
  18. Notes
  19. Bibliography
  20. Index
  21. About the Authors
  22. Berrett Koehler Publishers