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Spanning Time

Book Description

Time-lapse photography allows us see the world in a unique way. By taking a succession of images shot over a period of time and compressing them into a shortened sequence, time-lapse photographers reveal the previously invisible effects of time on the world around us. Recent advances in and more general access to time-lapse technology have opened up a new avenue of creativity and storytelling for photographers. This book will show advanced amateurs and semi-professional and professional photographers how to create time-lapses, both for creative output and for client-based work.

The Essential Guide to Time-lapse Photography provides all the information necessary to create compelling time-lapse sequences using a DSLR camera. As well as covering basic equipment requirements and shooting techniques, the book explores what makes a good time-lapse story, visualization, and advanced skills for creating multi-faceted time-lapse sequences. The book ends with a comprehensive guide to producing and outputting time-lapse movies using off-the-shelf software. A companion website will feature video tutorials and examples of successful time-lapse videos.