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Social Media Intelligence

Book Description

In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Yelp, water-cooler conversations with co-workers and backyard small talk with neighbors have moved from the physical world to the digital arena. In this new landscape, organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to political campaigns continuously monitor online opinions in an effort to guide their actions. Are consumers satisfied with our product? How are our policies perceived? Do voters agree with our platform? Measuring online opinion is more complex than just reading a few posted reviews. Social media is replete with noise and chatter that can contaminate monitoring efforts. By knowing what shapes online opinions, organizations can better uncover the valuable insights hidden in the social media chatter and better inform strategy. This book can help anyone facing the challenge of making sense of social media data to move beyond the current practice of social media monitoring to more comprehensive use of social media intelligence.

Table of Contents

  1. Coverpage
  2. Half title page
  3. Title page
  4. Copyright page
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Part I Foundations
    1. 1 The Beginnings of Social Media Intelligence
      1. What Is Social Media Monitoring?
      2. Anecdotal Referencing of Social Media Comments
      3. Text Mining
      4. Some Simple Metrics
      5. Using Social Media as an Early Warning System
    2. 2 Fundamentals of Opinion Formation
      1. Affecting Opinion versus Biasing Expression
      2. How Do We Form Opinions?
      3. How Do Expectations Affect Opinion?
      4. How Do Expertise and Knowledge Influence How We Form Opinions?
      5. Opinion Formation in a Social Context
      6. Bandwagon Behavior and Information Cascades
      7. Implications for Social Media Intelligence
  8. Part II Online Opinion or Online Noise
    1. 3 Why Do We Share Our Opinions?
      1. Posters versus Lurkers
      2. What Motivates Us to Post?
      3. Posting Motivations and Selection Effects
      4. Implications for Social Media Intelligence
    2. 4 The Social Effects of Strangers
      1. How Does Social Context Affect Our Behavior?
      2. How Influential Is the Social Context?
      3. How Does Social Context Affect Opinion Expression?
      4. Bandwagon Behavior in Opinion Expression
      5. Differentiating Our Opinions
      6. Multiple Audience Effects
      7. Can We Trust the Wisdom of Crowds?
  9. Part III Conversational Trends
    1. 5 Opinion Ecosystems and the Evolution Within
      1. Life Cycle Dynamics
      2. Preference Mismatching and Sequential Dynamics
      3. Social Dynamics
      4. Are Social Media Communities the Cause of Opinion Radicalization?
      5. Online Echo Chambers
      6. Implications for Social Media Monitoring and Metrics
    2. 6 Are Social Media Fragmenting the Population?
      1. Self-Organization
      2. Birds of a Feather Flock Together
      3. Geography No Longer Defines Our Communities
      4. The Influential Hypothesis
      5. The New Influential
      6. How Can We Identify Influentials?
      7. Influence in e-Commerce
      8. Some Concluding Remarks
  10. Part IV Social Media Intelligence
    1. 7 Managing Social Media Communities for Better Social Media Intelligence
      1. Creating an Inviting Environment
      2. The Benefits of a Well-Managed Opinion Community (and the Costs of Not Managing the Community at All)
      3. Quality of Intelligence Depends on the Quality of the Opinion Community
      4. Creating and Manipulating Buzz
      5. Buzz Campaign or Fraud?
      6. Identifying Fraudulent Opinions
    2. 8 Cutting through the Online Chatter
      1. A New Paradigm for Marketing Research
      2. Measure What Matters
      3. Cast a Wide Net
      4. Analyze the Text
      5. Understand the Biases
      6. Establish Links to Performance Metrics
    3. 9 Intelligence Integration
      1. Overview of Marketing Research Methods
      2. Using Social Media for Marketing Research
      3. Tracking Brand Health
      4. Understanding Market Structure
      5. Social Shopping
      6. Integration with Data from Other Parts of the Organization
      7. Intelligence Dashboards
    4. 10 Building Social Media Intelligence into Our Strategies
      1. How Can Social Media Intelligence Help Integrate an Organization’s Strategy?
      2. Multichannel Strategies
      3. Rapid Response Systems
      4. Integrated CRM
      5. Leveraging Social Data
      6. Seeding Strategies
    5. 11 Moving from Social Media Monitoring to Social Media Intelligence
      1. Social Media Intelligence Today
      2. Social Media Intelligence Tomorrow
      3. Building on the Science of Opinion
      4. Tapping into Opinion Ecosystems
      5. Developing an Integrated Strategy
  11. Index