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Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred

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Building It

  1. This circuit, Figure 16-3, is another one that’s simple enough to build dead-bug style. Start by joining the two transistors, as shown in the schematic (the diagram on the left illustrates how the legs in the schematic map to the legs on a real-life transistor).

    The schematic for the Two-Transistor Fuzztone

    Figure 16-3. The schematic for the Two-Transistor Fuzztone


    Transistors are a little easier to damage with heat than other components we’ve used; as you solder them, attach an alligator clip between the solder point and the body of the component as in Figure 16-4; this will act as a heat sink.

    Figure 16-4. Using an alligator clip as a heat sink

  2. Put one transistor behind the other, ...

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