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Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred

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Building It

  1. The trick to working with ICs is that everything is numbered counterclockwise in reference to how the chip looks when viewed from the top, but you have to work on it from the bottom. Take out your LM386 op-amp and set it on a sheet of clean paper, with the IC’s markings up and its little half-circle dimple to the left. The leg at the lower left is leg number 1. The next one to the right is 2, then 3, then 4, then the numbering wraps around: The leg at the upper right is number 5, its neighbor to the left is number 6, and so forth, as illustrated in Figure 12-3.

  2. Flip your chip over, so that its pins stick up like little legs (dead-bug style), and the little dimple is to the right. The legs are now numbered clockwise starting with the ...

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