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Skills for Managing Anger and Conflict

Video Description

Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry provide a practical range of communication skills and strategies to handle a range of difficult people – from team members, staff and managers to customers and strangers.

The six video chapters are:

  1. 6 Ways to Resolve Conflict: 15 minutes Learn six practical techniques to resolve conflict in the workplace and achieve effective results.
  2. Dealing with Conflict Case Studies: 12 minutes Four case studies about dealing with conflict. Case 1: The urgent order (2.5 minutes) Case 2: Trouble in maintenance (3 minutes) Case 3: The receptionist and the customer (2.5 minutes) Case 4: The call center (4 minutes)
  3. Handling the Difficult Customer: 15 minutes In some workplaces people deal with really difficult customer or clients… often all day long. Psychologist Peter Quarry explains that we need to understand why they are being difficult and explore alternative ways to effectively deal with them.
  4. Managing Aggression in the Workplace: 17 minutes This program explores how to prevent aggression at work and how to reduce risk and/or manage it when it happens. A must for everyone who wants a safe and healthy workplace.
  5. Dealing with Abusive & Threatening Calls: 15 minutes Discover the six skills for managing angry, abusive and threatening callers and how to end a call professionally.
  6. 7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss: 17 minutes Stop complaining and start working on solving the problem. Learn seven specific strategies to help with even the most challenging boss.