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Sibelius 7® Music Notation Essentials

Book Description

SIBELIUS 7 MUSIC NOTATION ESSENTIALS provides the most thorough introduction available to the fundamental operations of Sibelius 7 and lays the foundation for continuing studies at the more advanced levels. This book is built around five handson projects, including an introduction to the Sibelius 7 interface and basic editing operations; setting up a score and entering notes; importing MIDI, MusicXML, lyrics, and more; creating a worksheet; and scoring video. The learning method is tutorialbased, stepbystep, and visually compelling; the projects in the book are fully integrated with the accompanying tutorial videos and include many helpful screenshots and diagrams. On the companion website are 31 tutorial videos in which the author steps you through every key skill learned in each lesson. In addition, the accompanying CD provides you with all of the resources you need to complete the course in Sibelius, plus five extension projects. SIBELIUS 7 MUSIC NOTATION ESSENTIALS is the first crucial step in mastering Sibelius 7, the most popular music notation software in use today.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. LESSON 1 Amazing Grace
    1. Before You Begin: Copying Course Files to Your Computer
    2. Moving Around the Score
    3. Exploring the Ribbon and the Status Bar
    4. Exploring Playback
    5. Simple Editing
    6. Exploring the Ideas Panel
  9. Exercise 1 Rearranging a Score
    1. Ideas to Get You Started
  10. LESSON 2 Beethoven’s 3rd String Quartet, First Movement, Opus 18, Number 3
    1. Printing Out the Score
    2. Creating and Exploring a New Score
    3. Using the Mouse to Populate Your Score
    4. Using Flexi-time Recording
    5. Learning Step-Time and Alphabetic Entry
    6. Entering Pitch Before Rhythm
    7. Handling Dynamics and Phrasing
    8. Reinputting Pitches
    9. Working with Parts
    10. Printing and Exporting PDFs
  11. Exercise 2 Practicing Entry Methods
  12. LESSON 3 Purple
    1. Notes on the Media Used
    2. Importing MIDI Files
    3. Importing MusicXML Files
    4. Exploring Guitar TAB and Chord Symbols
    5. Discovering Drum Notation
    6. Creating Lyrics
    7. Using Repeats and Repeat Bars
    8. Exporting and Sharing Online
    9. Review/Discussion Questions
  13. Exercise 3 Rearranging a MusicXML File
    1. Ideas to Get You Started
  14. LESSON 4 Worksheets
    1. Exploring the Worksheet Creator
    2. Making Your Own Worksheet from Scratch: Formatting
    3. Using Advanced Text Options
    4. Importing Graphics
    5. Exporting Graphics
    6. Review/Discussion Questions
  15. Exercise 4 Creating a Worksheet
  16. LESSON 5 Agent Zero
    1. Before You Begin…
    2. Learning PhotoScore Lite
    3. Adding Video and Hit Points
    4. Transforming Your Music
    5. Collaborating
    6. Controlling Playback with HyperControl and Virtual Instruments
    7. You’ve Finished!
    8. Review/Discussion Questions
  17. Exercise 5 Creating a Sample Soundtrack
  18. APPENDIX A Elementary Music Theory
    1. Beat and Rhythm
    2. Pitch
    3. Dynamics, Articulation Marks, and Phrasing
    4. The Difference Between a System and a Staff
  19. APPENDIX B Scores Required in This Course
  20. APPENDIX C Answers to Review/Discussion Questions
  21. INDEX