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Shopper Marketing, 2nd Edition

Book Description

The aim of shopper marketing is to convert browsing shoppers into active purchasers at the point of sale. Although a relatively new area of marketing, it has attracted increased investment year on year - and according to surveys is growing even faster than internet advertising. Edited by two highly respected practitioners, Shopper Marketing demonstrates how marketers can influence the buying decision in-store, including practical advice on shopper needs and trends, retail environments, effective packaging and much more. The second edition has been fully updated and revised, with new material on shopper marketing in the international context and a new foreword by marketing guru Philip Kotler.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover 
  2. Title
  3. Imprint
  4. Table of contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Preface
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Dedication
  9. Introduction
  10. PART ONE Definition: what is shopper marketing?
    1. 01 Science of shopping Paco Underhill
    2. 02 Point of view on shopper marketing Gordon Pincott
    3. 03 Shopper marketing: the discipline, the approach Jim Lucas
    4. 04 Seven steps towards effective shopper marketing Luc Desmedt
    5. 05 Bringing shopper into category management Brian Harris
    6. 06 Science of shopping Gopi Krishnaswamy
    7. 07 Illogic inside the mind of the shopper Michael Sansolo
    8. 08 For shoppers there’s no place like home Harvey Hartman
    9. 09 The three shopping currencies Herb Sorensen
    10. 10 The shopping motives of Chinese shoppers Kevin Mu
  11. PART TWO Strategy: how to approach shopper marketing
    1. 11 Connecting, engaging and exciting shoppers Michael Morrison and Meg Mundell
    2. 12 Tailing your shoppers: retailing for the future AnnaMaria M Turano
    3. 13 Retail media: a catalyst for shopper marketing Gwen Morrison
    4. 14 Integrated communications planning for shopper marketing David Sommer
    5. 15 The conversion model for shopper research Clemens Steckner
    6. 16 Internationalization of shopper marketing Ville Maila
    7. 17 Ensuring your brand gets on the shopping list Robert Levy
    8. 18 Bridging gaps: retail in the emerging Indian market Dheeraj Sinha
    9. 19 The missing link: turning shopper insight into practice Toon van Galen
    10. 20 Capitalize on unrealized demand among shoppers Al Wittemen
    11. 21 Shopper promotions: what can marketers learn from price discounts Markus Ståhlberg
    12. 22 Marketing as a crucial part of retailer partnership Antti Syväniemi
    13. 23 Touching the elephant Chris Hoyt
    14. 24 Future shock Ken Barnett
    15. 25 Shopper marketing’s true potential Dan Flint
    16. 26 Putting the shopper in your shopper marketing strategy Matt Nitzberg
  12. PART THREE What is shopper marketing in action?
    1. 27 Improving shopper marketing profitability with innovative promotions Markus Ståhlberg
    2. 28 The circle of shopper marketing mechanization Dick Blatt
    3. 29 Nestlé Rossiya, Russia Lubov Kelbakh
    4. 30 Connected shoppers are here, now – but how do you connect with them? Jason Rogers
    5. 31 Tesco Fresh & Easy, USA Simon Uwins
    6. 32 Shopper-oriented pricing strategies Jon Hauptman
    7. 33 Packaging can be your best investment Russ Napolitano
    8. 34 The real power of brands in the digital world: what marketers must know about the online shopping decision process Juliano Marcilio
    9. 35 ‘Too many choices’ – and their implications for package design Scott Young
    10. 36 Maximizing ROI of package promotions Ville Maila
  13. Copyright