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Seven Mobile Apps in Seven Weeks

Book Description

Answer the question "Can we build this for ALL the devices?" with a resounding YES. Learn how to build apps using seven different platforms: Mobile Web, iOS, Android, Windows, RubyMotion, React Native, and Xamarin. Find out which cross-platform solution makes the most sense for your needs, whether you're new to mobile or an experienced developer expanding your options. Start covering all of the mobile world today.

Table of Contents

  1. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">&#160;</span>AcknowledgmentsAcknowledgments
  2. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">&#160;</span>The Story So Far...The Story So Far...
    1. The Only Constant
    2. Who Should Read This Book?
    3. Seven Mobile Apps
    4. The Platforms
    5. System Requirements and Useful Tools
    6. Don’t Get Comfortable
    7. Online Resources
  3. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">1. </span>Day 0: Setting Up the APIDay 0: Setting Up the API
    1. Setting Up and Running the API
    2. Reviewing and Testing the Endpoints
    3. Now We’re Ready
  4. Part I. Official Native Platforms
    1. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">2. </span>Mobile WebMobile Web
      1. A World-Clock App
      2. Day 1: A Time for Beginnings
      3. Day 2: Making Time
      4. Day 3: Time to Move
      5. Wrapping Up the Web App
    2. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">3. </span>iOSiOS
      1. A Weather-Forecast App
      2. Day 1: What’s It Like Out?
      3. Day 2: What’s It Like There?
      4. Day 3: Expanding Our Horizons
      5. Wrapping Up iOS
    3. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">4. </span>AndroidAndroid
      1. A Currency-Conversion App
      2. Day 1: How Far Does a Dollar Go?
      3. Day 2: What Can I Get for a Buck?
      4. Day 3: Time Is Money
      5. Wrapping Up Android
    4. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">5. </span>Universal Windows PlatformUniversal Windows Platform
      1. A Stock-Quote App
      2. Day 1: The Initial Investment
      3. Day 2: Trending Up
      4. Day 3: A Wider Market
      5. Wrapping Up Windows Phone
  5. Part II. Cross-Platform Tools
    1. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">6. </span>RubyMotionRubyMotion
      1. A To-Do App
      2. Day 1: <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" style="font-family:Quivira;">&#10003;</span> Android Android
      3. Day 2: <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" style="font-family:Quivira;">&#10003;</span> iOS iOS
      4. Day 3: <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" style="font-family:Quivira;">&#10003;</span> Cross-Platform Cross-Platform
      5. Wrapping Up RubyMotion
    2. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">7. </span>XamarinXamarin
      1. A Calculator App
      2. Day 1: Adding Up the Platforms
      3. Day 2: Dividing Up the Solution
      4. Day 3: Subtracting Platform-Specific Code
      5. Wrapping Up Xamarin
    3. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">8. </span>React NativeReact Native
      1. A Note-Taking App
      2. Day 1: Comparing Notes
      3. Day 2: Exchanging Notes
      4. Day 3: Taking Note of Where We Are
      5. Wrapping Up React Native
  6. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="toc-secnum">9. </span>Wrapping UpWrapping Up
    1. Official Native Platforms
    2. Cross-Platform Tools
    3. What’s Next?