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Service Excellence @ Novell

Book Description

Novell transformed customer service, attaining a level of excellence that turned a cost center into a significant profit center and created a key differentiator in the marketplace.

Table of Contents

  1. Service Excellence @ Novell: Taking Customer Service from Cost to Profit: Nova Vista Publishing’s Best Practices Editors
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  3. Foreword
  4. Introduction: Transforming Customer Service
    1. Three Strategies for Change
    2. HPI Basics
    3. External and Internal Business Drivers and Strategy
    4. Information
    5. Development
    6. Integration
    7. Alignment
  5. 1. Setting the Stage
    1. The Early Years
    2. Key Acquisitions
    3. Novell’s Core Business
    4. The Competitive Environment
    5. Business Strategy: Keep and Grow Customers
    6. Where Customer Support Fits In
    7. The Old Report Card: Adequate but not Excellent
    8. The Start of a Transformation
    9. Changing the Support Services Menu
  6. 2. Picking a Partner
    1. Defining the Problem and Developing Vendor Criteria
    2. The Call for Proposals
    3. The Power of Discovery in Proposal Development
    4. Gap Analysis
    5. Creating a Custom Solution
    6. Elements of Success
    7. HPI in Real Time
    8. Deliverables
    9. The Frontward and Backward Approach to Consulting
    10. Novell’s Corporate Culture
    11. Signature Service Checks and Other Reward Systems
  7. 3. Training Skeptics and Supporters
    1. Skeptical Managers
    2. Skeptical Field Engineers – and Curious Ones
    3. The “You Make the Difference” Campaign
    4. Training as a Two-Way Communication
    5. The Manager on Deck
    6. The Parking Lot
    7. From the Field to the Technical Support Centers
    8. Protecting the Investment
    9. The Outcome: Full Preparation for Change
  8. 4. Learning Key Concepts
    1. SigNature Service
    2. Conscious and Unconscious Competence
    3. The Bicycle Model
    4. The Opportunity Calculation
    5. Purpose and Objective
    6. Satisfaction and the Zone of Indifference
    7. Signing Your Name
    8. Self-Management
    9. The Role of Fears in Self-Talk
    10. Stop-Challenge-Focus
    11. The Customer Satisfaction Approach
    12. Opening
    13. Rapport
    14. Personalizing
    15. Credibility + Empathy = Trust
    16. The Ben Duffy Technique for Building Trust
    17. The Purpose, Process, Payoff (PPP) Technique
    18. Determining Needs and Expectations with Listening, Questioning and Empathizing Skills
    19. Discovery Agreements
    20. Effective Explanations
    21. Saying No
    22. Adapting Toward the Customer
    23. Asking for the Customer’s Expression of Satisfaction
    24. What if the Customer is not Satisfied or Seems Inconsistent?
    25. Concluding an Interaction
    26. Recovery Skills
    27. The Still-Dissatisfied Customer
    28. Other Skills and Models
    29. Programs for the Managers
    30. Making the Program you Own
    31. The End Result
  9. 5. Integrating: Expansion, Reinforcement, and Measurement
    1. Global Expansion of the Program
    2. Cultural Diversity in EMEA
    3. Varying Expectations on Delivery
    4. Other Cultural Differences in Customers
    5. Reinforcement
    6. Creative Approaches to Reinforcement
    7. The “You Make the Difference” Campaign
    8. Refresher Courses
    9. Performance Measures
    10. Gap Scores
    11. Experiment and Control Groups
    12. Return on Investment
  10. 6. Lessons Learned
    1. The Human Performance Improvement Model Works
  11. Index
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  13. Copyright