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Service and Sales - Building Relationships

Video Description

Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry present a wide range of programs on sales and service that explore and demonstrate skills and knowledge to improve relationships and service standards.

The nine video chapters are:

  1. 6 Ways to Build Rapport: 17 minutes Learn useful ways for creating a bond and connection - regardless of whether you are in sales, service or any other role that involves person to person contact.
  2. The Power of Empathy: 16 minutes Discover the benefits of empathy. Learn techniques for getting out of the 'anger trap' and dealing with emotional people.
  3. Sales and Service Turn-offs: 15 minutes Identify the ten core principles of excellent service and what typically turns customers off.
  4. 7 Key Sales Skills: 19 minutes Avoid the classic mistakes and learn the essential skills to help you succeed in sales. Ideal for face-to-face selling and phone sales.
  5. How to Sell a New Idea: 15minutes Learn ten easy steps to present new ideas successfully to teams, managers, clients, media or investors.
  6. Advanced Sales Techniques: 15 minutes This program shows how to overcome six typical challenges faced by experienced sales people. A great way to encourage positive sales skills and behaviors.
  7. 10 Essential Reception Skills: 14 minutes Learn the ten top reception skills, including professional presentation, dealing with multiple demands and visitors. Essential viewing for job seekers and recruiters.
  8. Secret Service Awards: 15 minutes The Secret Service Awards is where 'Candid Camera' meets 'MTV'! Viewers have sent in their own secretly shot video clips of real life customer service. Our funky hosts present the 5 finalists in 'the competition to find the best customers service in the world'. While we watch each video clip, the computer rates the clip out of 100, based on the customer service skills used. In between each clip, our hosts discuss the key training points about how to deliver outstanding service.
  9. How to Manage and Motivate a Sales Team: 19 minutes Sales managers all need to implement the seven essential skills covered in this program to ensure the success of their sales team. Find out how to encourage best performance.