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Serverless Single Page Apps

Book Description

Don't waste your time building an application server. See how to build low-cost, low-maintenance, highly available, serverless single page web applications that scale into the millions of users at the click of a button. Quickly build reliable, well-tested single page apps that stay up and running 24/7 using Amazon Web Services. Avoid messing around with middle-tier infrastructure and get right to the web app your customers want.

Table of Contents

  1.  Acknowledgments
  2.  Introduction
    1. Guiding Principles
    2. How to Read This Book
    3. Online Resources
  3. 1. Starting Simple
    1. Serverless Web Applications
    2. Using Your Workspace
    3. Deploying to Amazon S3
    4. First Deployment
  4. 2. Routing Views with Hash Events
    1. Designing a Testable Router
    2. The Router Function
    3. Adding Routes
    4. Adding View Parameters
    5. Loading the Application
    6. Deploy Again
  5. 3. Essentials of Single Page Apps
    1. Creating a View
    2. Defining the Data Model
    3. Handling User Input
    4. Creating an Application Shell
    5. Using Custom Events
    6. Deploy Again
  6. 4. Identity as a Service with Amazon Cognito
    1. Connecting to External Identity Providers
    2. Creating an Identity Pool
    3. Fetching a Google Identity
    4. Requesting AWS Credentials
    5. Creating a Profile View
    6. Deploy Again
  7. 5. Storing Data in DynamoDB
    1. Working with DynamoDB
    2. Creating a Table
    3. Authorizing DynamoDB Access
    4. Saving Documents
    5. Fetching Documents
    6. Data Access and Validation
    7. Deploy Again
  8. 6. Building (Micro)Services with Lambda
    1. Understanding Amazon Lambda
    2. Deploy First
    3. Writing Lambda Functions
    4. Invoking Lambda Functions
    5. Using the Amazon API Gateway
    6. Deploy Again
  9. 7. Serverless Security
    1. Securing Your AWS Account
    2. Query Injection Attacks
    3. Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
    4. Cross-Site Request Forgery
    5. Wire Attacks and Transport Layer Security
    6. Denial-of-Service Attacks
    7. Deploy Again
  10. 8. Scaling Up
    1. Monitor Web Services
    2. Analyze S3 Web Traffic
    3. Optimize for Growth
    4. Costs of the Cloud
    5. Deploy Again (and Again, and Again...)
  11. A1. Installing Node.js
  12. A2. Assigning a Domain Name
  13.  Bibliography