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Sell Now!

Book Description

With the volatile economy, budgets are tight and expectation for increased revenue is higher than ever. Old sales strategies aren’t cutting it in this tough market. Veteran sales trainer Stacia Skinner and Brandon Toporov provide game-changing techniques proven effective for getting and keeping new business and expanding the business in your existing client base.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction. How to Use This Book to Beat Your Sales Quota
  5. Chapter 1. Manage Your Time; Increase Your Sales by 20 Percent or More
    1. Are You Managing Your Day? Or Is Your Day Managing You?
    2. Which Approach Do You Take: Sally’s or Jordans?
    3. The Sell Now! System
    4. The Sell Now! Funnel
    5. Sell Now! Rule #1: The Priority Activities Always Come First
    6. Sell Now! Rule #2: Recognize a Live Prospect from One That’s on Hold
    7. Sell Now! Rule #3: Know What a Final Proposal Is, and When It’s Complete
    8. Sell Now! Rule #4: Know When a Prospect Needs to Move Down the Funnel
    9. Work Your Funnel First Thing in the Morning
    10. Know When to Use Your Holding Tank
  6. Chapter 2. Proactive Management of the Sell Now! Funnel System
    1. The “Instant Sell” Description
    2. Classifying Your Prospects
  7. Chapter 3. The Secret of Top-Down Prospecting
    1. Why Your Competition Isn’t Prospecting This Way
    2. Zero In on HERB’s Office
    3. HERB’s World: A Roadmap
    4. Back to Basics: The Phone
    5. Direct Contact with HERB
    6. Some Inside Tips for Top-Down Prospecting
  8. Chapter 4. Get Sales with Referral-Based Contacts
    1. Referral Resource #1: The Instant Internal Referral
    2. Referral Resource #2: The Industry Profile Referral
    3. Referral Resource #3:
    4. Referral Resource #4: E-Newsletters to Friends and Associates
    5. Referral Resource #5: Incentives
    6. Referral Resource #6: Your Holding Tank
    7. A Final Thought about Referrals
  9. Chapter 5. The Sales Interview
    1. Getting the Sales Interview Dynamic Right
    2. Three Questions to Make the Interview Effective
    3. It’s Not Small Talk—It’s Trust Talk!
    4. The Critical Transition
    5. Taking Written Notes
    6. Pushing the Prospect’s Hot Buttons
    7. Reaping the Rewards of the Sales Interview
  10. Chapter 6. Enhance Your Value Proposition
    1. The Second Action Commitment
    2. The Power of the Draft Proposal
    3. Confirming the Value of the Deal
    4. Putting It All Together
  11. Chapter 7. Get to “Yes” in Half the Time
    1. “Bring Forth the Reward”
    2. Step #1: Ask
    3. Step #2: Emote
    4. Step #3: Update
  12. Chapter 8. Customer Satisfaction Means Repeat Business
    1. Problem or Opportunity?
    2. Are You Supposed to Solve Every Problem?
    3. It’s Up to You
  13. Epilogue. Good Times, Bad Times—Adapting Your Tactics to Any Market Environment
    1. You Snooze, You Lose
    2. Set Your Own Sales Quotas
    3. Sell Now, Sell Tomorrow, Sell Forever
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  15. Copyright Page