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Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Cover of Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja by John Resig and Bear Bibeault Published by Manning Publications
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Chapter 11. Developing cross-browser strategies

This chapter covers

  • Strategies for developing reusable, crossbrowser JavaScript code
  • Analyzing the issues needing to be tackled
  • Tackling those issues in a smart way

Anyone who’s been developing on-page JavaScript code for more than five minutes knows that there’s a wide range of pain points when it comes to making sure that the code works flawlessly across a set of supported browsers. These considerations span everything from the basic development for immediate needs, to planning for future browser releases, all the way to reusing code on web pages that have yet to be created.

Coding for multiple browsers is certainly a nontrivial task, and one that must be balanced according to the development ...

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