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Secrets of ProShow® Experts: The Official Guide to Creating Your Best Slide Shows with ProShow 5

Book Description

Whether you're an experience ProShow user or are just getting started, get ready to pick up a wealth of tips and techniques for making great-looking slide shows. Written by the president and founder of Photodex, the company that makes ProShow, SECRETS OF PROSHOW EXPERTS: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO CREATING THE BEST SLIDE SHOWS WITH PROSHOW 5 will show you how to harness the full power of ProShow. You'll learn great tips for creating polished slide shows, with easy-to-follow examples and expert advice on topics like understanding your audience, using motion to convey emotion, controlling the feel of a slide show with audio, and more. Use the techniques you learn here to create stunning presentations for friends, family, or for your clients. A bonus DVD is included, with sample slide shows, image and audio content, and trial versions of ProShow software. Make your slide shows more effective and compelling with SECRETS OF PROSHOW EXPERTS.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 Technique—Not Technology
    1. Process
    2. Understand Your Goal
    3. Review
  9. 2 Telling Your Story
    1. Use Emotion to Convince Your Audience
    2. Tell a Story
    3. Break Your Production into Sections
    4. Review
  10. 3 Ways to Work Smarter
    1. Plan Your Workflow
    2. Find More Ideas
    3. Review
  11. 4 Space and Simplicity
    1. Space—It Is Your Density
    2. Simplicity
    3. Review
  12. 5 Motion and Timing
    1. The History of Motion
    2. Timing and Pacing
    3. Review
  13. 6 Basic Techniques
    1. Beginnings and Endings
    2. Image Presentation
    3. Transitions
    4. Captions
    5. Animation Tricks
    6. Audio
    7. Common Mistakes
    8. Review
  14. 7 Better Content, Better Results
    1. Photography Tips
    2. Why Use an SLR Camera?
    3. Rapid-Fire Shots
    4. Post-Processing Photos
    5. Review
  15. 8 Tricks with Source Material
    1. Cropping and Adjustment
    2. Borders
    3. Caption Motion
    4. Vignettes
    5. Image Stylization—Canned Effects
    6. Fake Masks
    7. Chopping Up Photos
    8. Tricking ProShow Gold with Video Output+Input
    9. Review
  16. 9 Audio and Synchronization
    1. Importance of Audio
    2. Audio as a Reinforcement of Emotions
    3. Beat Synchronization
    4. Voice-Over Tips
    5. Sound Effects
    6. Segue Between Topics Using Audiovisual Gap
    7. Review
  17. 10 Multiple Images
    1. Head Shots and Objects
    2. Orientation
    3. Horizontal Image Blending
    4. Transparency Tricks
    5. Tricks with Multiple Slides
    6. Creating Looping Video Backgrounds
    7. Review
  18. 11 ProShow Producer Techniques
    1. How Is ProShow Producer Different?
    2. Producer Techniques
    3. Review
  19. 12 Delivering Your Show
    1. Video Versus Real-Time Playback
    2. Discs: CDs, DVDs, and BDs
    3. Video Files
    4. The Internet and Web Shows
    5. Live Shows
    6. Review
  20. Guest Experts and Their Insights
    1. Kelli Etheridge
    2. Jennifer Clark
    3. Barbara Coultry
    4. Leslie Gray
    5. Dale L. Fenimore
    6. Jean-Pierre Druffin
    7. Stacey and Kelly Chance
    8. Drew Cowan
    9. Simona (Mona) Wiener
  21. Index