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Chapter 3. Working with Arrays

Topics in This Chapter image

3.1 Fixed-Length Arrays — page 29

3.2 Variable-Length Arrays: Array Buffers — page 30

3.3 Traversing Arrays and Array Buffers — page 31

3.4 Transforming Arrays — page 32

3.5 Common Algorithms — page 34

3.6 Deciphering Scaladoc — page 35

3.7 Multidimensional Arrays — page 37

3.8 Interoperating with Java — page 37

Exercises — page 38

In this chapter, you will learn how to work with arrays in Scala. Java and C++ programmers usually choose an array or its close relation (such as array lists or vectors) when they need to collect a bunch of elements. In Scala, there are other choices ...

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