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Safe & Secure: Protecting Your Kids in the Digital Age

Book Description

SAFE & SECURE: KEEPING YOUR KIDS SAFE IN THE DIGITAL AGE gives parents a wealth of practical and actionable information to help keep their kids safe as they use technology today. Part I begins with a discussion of the benefits and challenges of living in a digital age, guiding parents through the process of setting the foundations for child online safety, exploring family safety tools and resources, and having important conversations about online and device safety with their kids. Part II focuses on specific topics in online safety, including safeguarding privacy, avoiding scams, playing games securely, staying safe on social media sites, being smart about texting and video chats, and taking action to prevent and, if necessary, respond to online bullying. The book's appendixes offer parents practical resources and checklists for planning and discussing issues of online safety with their kids. Learn the ins and outs of protecting your family online, with SAFE & SECURE: KEEPING YOUR KIDS SAFE IN THE DIGITAL AGE.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Part I: Foundations for Web and Smartphone Safety
    1. Chapter 1 Starting Where We Are: The Upside and Downside of Digital Living
      1. Where We Are Today: The State of the Web
      2. Sobering News about the Risks Kids Take
      3. Teachable Moments in Privacy
      4. The Risks of the Online World
      5. Bullying Is Big
      6. Conclusion
    2. Chapter 2 Online Safety 101 for Parents: The Nonnegotiables
      1. Decide Where and When Your Kid Can Be Online
      2. Think through the Allowable Types of Online Activities
      3. Set Your Nonnegotiables
      4. Block Content You Feel Is Inappropriate
      5. Protect Personal Information for Your Child and Your Family
      6. Be Password-Vigilant
      7. Think through Choices for Social Media
      8. Conclusion
    3. Chapter 3 Agreeing on Web and Smartphone Safety
      1. Thinking through Web and Smartphone Safety: For Parents
      2. Having a Family Meeting
      3. Rules and Consequences
      4. Great Expectations
      5. Revisiting Your Rules
      6. Conclusion
    4. Chapter 4 Using Your Computer’s Family Safety Tools
      1. Making Your PC Family-Friendly
        1. Parental Controls in Windows 7
        2. Family Safety in Windows 8
      2. Family Safety on the Mac
      3. Safe iTunes Use
      4. Conclusion
    5. Chapter 5 Exploring Family Safety Options for Mobile Devices
      1. Setting Restrictions on iOS Phones
      2. Parental Controls on Android Devices
      3. My Family on Your Windows Phones
      4. Just Say No to Location Settings
      5. Conclusion
  9. Part II: Safe and Secure Online
    1. Chapter 6 Protecting Kids’ Privacy
      1. But That Won’t Happen to Me…
      2. Thinking through Online Privacy
      3. Managing Your Kids’ Privacy
      4. Considering Online Reputations
      5. Letting Google Help
      6. Conclusion
    2. Chapter 7 Staying Smarter Than the Scammers
      1. Protecting against Spam and Scams
      2. Recognizing the Signs
      3. Ways to Check Suspicious Email Messages
      4. Reporting Spam and Scams
      5. If You’ve Been Scammed
      6. Conclusion
    3. Chapter 8 Games the Way They’re Meant to Be Played (Safely)
      1. Thinking about Games
      2. Understanding Gaming Challenges and Opportunities
      3. Setting Gaming Levels with Parental Controls
      4. Know about Terms of Play and Privacy Policies
      5. Talk It Over and Then Play Games with Your Kids
      6. Conclusion
    4. Chapter 9 Keeping It Real (and Having Fun) with Social Media
      1. What Do We Mean by Social Media?
      2. Your Child’s Social Media Account
      3. How Are Kids Using Social Media Today?
      4. What’s in a Profile and What Should You Do about It?
      5. Setting Safe Social Media Settings
      6. Choosing Who Can See Your Child’s Posts
      7. Untagging Your Child
      8. Happily Ever After on Social Media
      9. Conclusion
    5. Chapter 10 Staying Safe with Texting and Video Chats
      1. Getting Used to Texting
      2. What Age Is the Right Age for a Cell Phone?
      3. Setting Parameters for Appropriate Texting
      4. Blocking Contacts That Send Inappropriate Texts
      5. Another Real Danger: Texting and Driving
      6. The Excitement and Anxiety of Video Chatting
      7. Know Your Tools and Set Them Up
      8. Setting Parameters for Video Chatting
      9. Conclusion
    6. Chapter 11 Preventing and Responding to Online Bullying
      1. What Is Cyberbullying?
      2. Helping Your Child Recognize Bullying Behavior
      3. Know What to Watch for: Signs of Bullying
      4. What You Can Do
      5. Conclusion
  10. Appendix: Advocacy Organizations and Resources
  11. Glossary