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ReWORKing Retirement

Book Description

Now that you're retired, you finally have the chance to do a job you want to do-rather than one you have to do. Whether you are looking to earn a supplemental income or keep busy during your golden years with volunteer work, Reworking Retirement will help you successfully re-enter today's job market. Filled with expert advice, company case studies, and stories from other retirees returning to the workforce, this is your complete reference guide to post-retirement employment. It takes the difficulty out of finding, applying, and working a job while retired by teaching you how to: Capitalize on available job opportunities; Explore online, alternative, and volunteer career paths; Tailor your resume, cover letter, and pitch appropriately; Transfer your skills into a different field; and Succeed in your new work setting. Reworking Retirement takes the work out of finding a new career later in life. And promises to help make these years more fulfilling-personally and financially!