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Rethinking Prestige Branding

Book Description

Rethinking Prestige Branding examines the successful development and promotion of prestige brands, explaining not just how they're sold but how consumers respond to them.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Imprint
  4. Contents
  5. Preface, or what do a Red Bull and a Grey Goose have in common?
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Part One: Rethinking prestige branding
    1. The times they are a-changing
      1. Where’s the magic?
      2. Culture, commerce – unite!
      3. Capitalism, evolved
      4. Consumerism, re-rooted
      5. The limits of money
      6. The importance of knowledge
      7. The age of transparency
      8. One in a million
      9. Together apart
    2. From marker to myth – a brief history of branding
      1. Brand as quality guarantor
      2. Brand as badge
      3. Brand as building block
      4. Brand as medium
      5. Brand as myth
    3. A new kind of prestige – or what we mean by Ueber-Brands™
      1. Ueber-Brands: three key dimensions, one stellar position
      2. Ueber-Brands: an old term of new-found relevance
  8. Part Two: The seven secrets of Ueber-Brands
    1. It’s practical – but also conversational
    2. It’s ‘numerological’ – how else to explain there are seven?
    3. It’s symmetrical – with myth in the middle
    4. Principle 1: Mission incomparable – the first rule is to make your own
      1. Apart. Ahead. Above.
      2. Mission route 1: Noblesse Oblige, or the price of greatness
      3. Our shift to a Bobo culture
      4. Mission route 2: Reinvention, the little brother of responsibility
      5. Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi
      6. Principle 1: The rules for a ‘mission incomparable’
      7. Ueber-Brand case study 1: Patagonia – the meaningful exploration of nature
    5. Principle 2: Longing versus belonging – the challenge is both
      1. The power of the velvet rope
      2. Velvet roping 1: Reaching high to win up
      3. Designing an Ueber-Target
      4. Longing and belonging online
      5. Velvet roping 2: Laying low to stay up
      6. Principle 2: The rules of ‘longing and belonging’
      7. Ueber-Brand case study 2: Red Bull – longing to have wings
    6. Principle 3: Un-selling – the superiority of seduction
      1. Of pride and provocation
      2. How Ueber-Brands turn celebrity endorsements on their head
      3. Avert the overt
      4. It’s an art
      5. Walk the talk
      6. Principle 3: The rules of ‘un-selling’
      7. Ueber-Brand case study 3: Aēsop – un-selling beauty
    7. Principle 4: From myth to meaning – the best way up is to go deep
      1. The power of storytelling
      2. Myths as Ueber-Stories
      3. Making myths: what to respect
      4. Seven steps to heaven
      5. Principle 4: The rules of ‘from myth to meaning’
      6. Ueber-Brand case study 4: MINI – myth revisited – from underdog challenger to fun provocateur
    8. Principle 5: Behold! – the product as manifestation
      1. The product as essence
      2. Yuan Soap – a story of ‘essence’
      3. Make it a holy grail
      4. Inspiring the modern romantics
      5. Make it unmistakable
      6. Make it the centre of attention
      7. Principle 5: The rules to ‘behold’
      8. Ueber-Brand case study 5: Nespresso – coffee as crema de la crème
    9. Principle 6: Living the dream – the bubble shall never burst
      1. Nothing is as volatile as a dream
      2. Of gods and masters: the question of leadership
      3. Together apart – the concept of ring-fencing
      4. Radiating inside out: it all starts with the culture
      5. The world according to you
      6. Principle 6: The rules of ‘living the dream’
      7. Ueber-Brand case study 6: Living it like Brunello Cucinelli or the Freitag brothers
    10. Principle 7: Growth without end – the ultimate balancing act
      1. Star power – it’s a matter of balance
      2. A different trajectory
      3. Grow with gravitas – the ideal, but not always real
      4. Grow back – the way of the rose as royal privilege
      5. Grow sideways – the most popular alternative to drive profit
      6. Grow up – the golden route to balance expansion
      7. Grow with passion – the need to stick to your Ueber-Target
      8. Growing without showing – the advantage of the web
      9. Principle 7: The rules to ‘growth without end’
      10. Ueber-Brand case study 7: Hermès and his offspring
    11. Instead of a summary: 77+ questions
  9. Bibliography
  10. Index
  11. Full Imprint