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Responsive Design Workflow

Cover of Responsive Design Workflow by Stephen Hay Published by New Riders
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1. In splendid variety these changes come

“We aren’t designing photocopies of web pages, we’re designing web pages.”

– Andy Clarke

The nature of the web has finally caught up to those of us who design for it.

The web is a space of constant change, of innovation and well... wonder. The things we can do on, with and because of the web are absolutely amazing, once you remember what pre-web life was like. Or remembering the early days, the way we built websites in 1995—and what we could do with them—seems laughable today. In a sense it is completely different today, in another sense it is exactly the same.

Since the beginning of the “commercial” web, designers have been scrambling to translate the ideas in their heads into the browser. The most popular ...

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