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Real-Time Control of the Industrial Enterprise

Book Description

In today’s world of manufacturing, it’s possible to be efficient but not profitable. How is this possible? While today’s manufacturing process control is real time, enterprise management remains transactional, and accounting systems remain structured for early 1800s piecework. Why are almost all of the productivity gains in manufacturing arising from better automation and control of processes (continuous, batch, hybrid, or discrete) and not from better chemistry, design, management, or financial controls? This book shows you exactly why this has happened and just how to fix it. The author details how automation and control can be applied to the supply chain, the enterprise, and to financial management. Inside, you’ll learn: • How to use the principles of real-time process control to better manage, measure, and control manufacturing businesses, both horizontally and vertically; • How to achieve much greater speed of information transfer for improved control over supply chain and distribution; and • How totally integrated inventory control, automated manufacturing, automated customer service, and smart pricing control ultimately lead to higher profits.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication Page
  6. Contents
  7. List of Figures
  8. List of Photographs
  9. Foreword by Jim Davis
  10. Preface
  11. 1 A Retrospective
    1. The Impact of Industrialization
    2. Organizing for Industrialization
    3. The Separation of Operational Management From Business Management
    4. The Importance of Electricity
  12. 2 Out of Control
    1. The Business of Industry Getting out of Control
      1. Driving Force 1—Industrial Business Going to Real Time Variability
      2. Driving Force 2—Plant Floor Focus on Profits
      3. Driving Force 3—Operational Empowerment
      4. Driving Force 4—Increased Production Agility
    2. Requirements For Dealing With Real-Time Business Variables
    3. Bringing Industrial Business Back into Control
    4. It is All About The Data!
  13. 3 The Evolution of the Labor Force
    1. The Labor Problem
    2. Profitability Just Happened
    3. The Organizational Schism
    4. Closing The Schism
    5. A New Kind of Craftsmanship
    6. The Downsizing Debacle
  14. 4 Knocking Profit Out of Control
    1. The Computer Revolution
    2. Business—Out of Control
    3. A Lead Business Indicator—The Electric Power Industry
    4. Real-Time Industrial Businesses
    5. The Impact
    6. Real-Time Profitability Model
    7. Traditional Organizational and Architecture Mismatch
  15. 5 Applying Control Theory to Profitability
    1. Controlling Profitability
    2. The Profitability Control Loop
    3. A Cascade Control System
    4. The Need for Enterprise Control Systems
  16. 6 The Barriers to Real-Time Enterprise Control
    1. A Technology Versus Solution Focus
    2. The Capital Project Process
    3. Traditional Accounting Practices
    4. Common Engineering Perspectives
    5. Organizational Silos
    6. Business and Production Process Limitation
  17. 7 Practical Applications of Real-Time Enterprise Control
    1. Control Performance Excellence
    2. Asset Performance Excellence
    3. Human Performance Excellence
    4. Safety and Environmental Performance Excellence
    5. Summary
  18. Bibliography
  19. Index
  20. Ad Page
  21. Back Cover