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Real Leadership

Book Description

Too many organizations today play follow the leader: the commander articulates a "vision" and people uncritically go along with it. But this style of leadership is ultimately ineffective and even dangerous. It hampers people's ability to anticipate and react to changing circumstances. And if the leader's vision is flawed, the entire organization will suffer. In Real Leadership, Dean Williams argues that the true task of the leader is to get people to face the reality of any situation themselves and develop strategies to deal with problems or take advantage of opportunities. Leaders who are responsible with their power and authority don't dictate; they help people determine what shifts in their values, habits, practices and priorities will be needed to accommodate changing conditions and new demands. Williams details how to apply this new approach to six different challenges that every organization faces. Throughout, he uses examples from his own experiences--working with organizations as diverse as the government of Singapore, Aetna Life and Casualty, and the nomadic Penan tribe in Borneo--as well as historical examples and the insights gleaned from his many interviews with presidents, prime ministers, and business leaders to demonstrate the practical application of real leadership in the real world. At a time when so many "visionary" leaders have led their organizations to disaster, Real Leadership offers a needed, proven alternative.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. PART I: Real Leadership The Engine of Progress
    1. CHAPTER 1: Odin, Enron, and the Apes
      1. Distinguishing Real Leadership from Counterfeit Leadership
      2. The Features of Real Leadership
      3. Counterfeit Leadership: How a Group Is Given a False Set of Tasks
      4. Conclusion
    2. CHAPTER 2: Diagnostic Work
      1. Determining the Principal Challenge
      2. Six Domains for Leadership Challenges
      3. Governor William Bligh and the Rum Problem
      4. Diagnostic Principles
      5. Conclusion
  7. PART II: The Six Challenges of Real Leadership
    1. CHAPTER 3: The Activist Challenge
      1. Calling Attention to a Contradiction in Values
      2. The Nature of an Activist Challenge
      3. Alice Paul: Getting Men to Do the Right Thing
      4. Intervention for an Activist Challenge
      5. Real Leadership for an Activist Challenge
      6. Conclusion
    2. CHAPTER 4: The Development Challenge
      1. Cultivating the Latent Capabilities Needed to Progress
      2. The Nature of a Development Challenge
      3. Singapore: Facing the Development Challenge
      4. Real Leadership for a Development Challenge
      5. Conclusion
    3. CHAPTER 5: The Transition Challenge
      1. Moving from One System of Values to Another
      2. The Nature of a Transition Challenge
      3. Transitioning Japan: Crossing the River into the Modern World
      4. Real Leadership for a Transition Challenge
    4. CHAPTER 6: The Maintenance Challenge
      1. Protecting and Sustaining What Is Essential during Hard Times
      2. The Nature of a Maintenance Challenge
      3. The Case of Weary Dunlop
      4. Real Leadership for a Maintenance Challenge
      5. Conclusion
    5. CHAPTER 7: The Creative Challenge
      1. Doing What Has Never Been Done Before
      2. The Nature of a Creative Challenge
      3. Taking a Mundane Assignment and Turning It into a Creative Breakthrough
      4. Real Leadership for a Creative Challenge
    6. CHAPTER 8: The Crisis Challenge
      1. Leading in a Period of Extreme Danger
      2. The Nature of a Crisis Challenge
      3. East Timor Burning: Where Is the Leadership?
      4. Real Leadership for a Crisis Challenge
      5. Conclusion
  8. PART III: Real Leadership in Action
    1. CHAPTER 9: Leading in Multiple Challenges
      1. The Case of T. E. Lawrence
      2. Lawrence and Arabia: The Story of the Reluctant Leader
      3. Diagnosing the Challenge
      4. The Development Challenge
      5. Maintenance Tasks
      6. Crisis Tasks
      7. The Activist Challenge
      8. The Transition Challenge
      9. The Next Development Challenge
      10. Lawrence Walks Away
    2. CHAPTER 10: Odin, the Samurai, and You
      1. Taking Responsibility for Yourself as an Instrument of Power
      2. Your Personal Case and the Six Leadership Challenges
      3. Case of the Lost Samurai
      4. The Detective Work of Real Leadership
      5. A Final Note
  9. Notes
  10. Index
  11. About the Author
  12. About Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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