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Appendix F. Packages used in this book

R derives much of its breadth and power from the contributions of selfless authors. Table F.1 lists the user-contributed packages described in this book, along with the chapter(s) in which they appear.

Table F.1. Contributed packages used in this book





AER Christian Kleiber and Achim Zeileis Functions, data sets, examples, demos, and vignettes from the book Applied Econometrics with R by Christian Kleiber and Achim Zeileis 13
Amelia James Honaker, Gary King, and Matthew Blackwell Amelia II: A program for missing data via multiple imputation 15
arrayImpute Eun-kyung Lee, Dankyu Yoon, and Taesung Park Missing imputation for microarray data 15
arrayMissPattern ...

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