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Project Management For Dummies®, UK Edition

Book Description

In today's time-pressured, cost-conscious global business environment, tight project deadlines and stringent expectations are the norm. Project Management For Dummies shows business professionals what works and what doesn't by examining the field's best practices. You can learn how to organise, estimate, and schedule projects more efficiently. Discover how to manage deliverables, issue changes, assess risks, maintain communications, and live up to expectations by making the most of the latest technology and software and by avoiding common problems that can trip up even the best project managers.

This adaptation includes:

  • The latest methods to manage resources and stay on track and within budget

  • Coverage for dealing with the pros and cons of virtual teams

  • Tips and information on setting realistic expectations and meeting everyone's needs

  • Methods and strategies to get tasks done with minimal staff

  • Tips and advice for motivating a project team

  • The latest concepts and fundamentals behind best-practice project management techniques

  • The mindset and skill set of today's most effective project managers—what it really takes to guarantee a successful project

  • Information on how to involve project audiences by conducting a Stakeholder Analysis

  • Trends and tough project types

  • Assessment tools to determine strengths and weaknesses for everything from choosing software to selecting a project team

  • Tactics for team motivation and the hottest risk management strategies