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Professional Services Marketing Handbook

Book Description

The market for professional services and consulting firms is changing, driven by evolving and more demanding client requirements. Legal, accountancy and other professional services firms are now looking for a new breed of leaders with the insight to help deliver those requirements. Professional Services Marketing Handbook, published in association with the Professional Services Marketing Group, is for marketing and business development professionals, sales specialists, and a firm's technical practitioners who want to play a fuller role in their firm's obsession with client relationship development to increase their impact and influence. Featuring international case studies and best practice from industry leaders and experts such as Allen & Overy, Baker & McKenzie, PwC, Kreston Reeves and White & Case, Professional Services Marketing Handbook explains how to become a complete client champion - the voice of the client - to both shape and deliver a firm's client solution and experience. It helps marketers develop a growth strategy for their firm, understand and connect with clients more deeply and develop and manage client relationships to build successful brands. Contributing Authors: Richard Grove, Director of Marketing, Business Development & Communications, Allen & Overy LLP Daniel Smith, Senior Business Development and Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, Baker & McKenzie Claire Essex, Director of Business Development and Marketing, Asia Pacific, Baker & McKenzie Clive Stevens, Executive Chairman, Kreston Reeves Louise Field, Head of Client Service & Insight, Bird & Bird LLP Tim Nightingale, Founder, Nisus Consulting Ben Kent, Managing Director, Meridian West Lisa Hart Shepherd, CEO, Acritas Nick Masters, Head of Online, PwC Alastair Beddow, Associate Director, Meridian West Dale Bryce, President, Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association Gillian Sutherland, Director, Global Key Account Management Buildings + Places, AECOM Susan D'aish, Business Relationship Director, MacRoberts LLP Dan O'Day, Vice President, Thomson Reuters Elite Matthew Fuller, Director of Marketing and Business Development EMEA, White & Case LLP Amy Kingdon, Marketing & Communications Director, UK & Europe, Atkins Eleanor Campion, Communications Executive, UK & Europe, Atkins Jessica Scholz, Business Development Manager, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Germany Giles Pugh, Principal, SutherlandsPugh

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Image
  2. Imprint
  3. Dedication
  4. Table of contents
  5. List of figures
  6. List of tables
  7. List of contributors
  8. Foreword
  9. Acknowledgements
  10. About the editor
  11. Introduction: leadership themes in professional services marketing
  12. Theme One Growth
    1. Introduction to the Growth theme
    2. 01  Growth and globalization
    3. 02  Implementing a growth strategy: lessons from Asia Pacific
    4. 03  Developing international networks
    5. Lessons on Growth
  13. Theme Two Understanding
    1. Introduction to the Understanding theme
    2. 04  Listening, understanding and responding to clients
    3. 05  Closing the commerciality gap
    4. 06  What legal clients want
    5. Lessons on Understanding
  14. Theme Three Connecting
    1. Introduction to the Connecting theme
    2. 07  From communities to cohorts
    3. 08  Thought leadership: transforming insights into opportunities
    4. 09  Conversation is king: connecting thought leadership and sales
    5. Lessons on Connecting
  15. Theme Four Relationships
    1. Introduction to the Relationships theme
    2. 10  The importance of client relationship management
    3. 11  Developing internal and external relationships
    4. 12  The primacy of relationships: how and why clients choose
    5. Lessons on Relationships
  16. Theme Five Managing
    1. Introduction to the Managing theme
    2. 13  It’s all about value: managing marketing and business development
    3. 14  Managing transformational change
    4. 15  Understanding and exceeding partner expectations
    5. 16  The role of marketing KPIs in professional services firms
    6. Lessons on Managing
  17. Conclusion
    1. 17  The future for professional services marketing: becoming a client champion
  18. References
  19. Further reading
  20. Index
  21. Full_imprint