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Professional Selling: Practical Secrets for Successful Sales

Book Description

If you earn your living in sales, this income-boosting guide is a must-read. Practical exercises reveal the secrets of professional selling, including creative prospecting techniques, defrosting cold calls, strategizing and conducting successful face-to-face sales calls, and overcoming objections. It describes the attributes leading to sales success in a way that allows you to integrate them easily and comfortably into your own sales efforts.

Coverage includes—

  • To explain how to make the most of a selling opportunity

  • To show how to organize for better sales

  • To discuss customer resistance and how to counter concerns

  • To explain ways to understand customer styles

  • Table of Contents

    1. Learning Objectives For:
    2. About the Author
    3. The Slim Margin of Success
    4. Introduction
    5. Sales Success: Do You Have What it Takes?
      1. Characteristics of Successful Salespersons
    6. Professional Salesperson’s Quiz
      1. Professional Salesperson’s Assessment
    7. Getting Started
      1. Finding Prospects
      2. Acquiring Referrals
      3. Using the Telephone to Qualify and Get Appointments
      4. Overcoming Telephone Cold Call Reluctance
      5. Defrosting Telephone Cold Calls
        1. The Plan
        2. The Call
        3. The Connection
        4. Some Additional Tips to Make You More Effective on the Phone
      6. Write Your Own Telephone Outline
      7. Telephone Cold Call Checklist
      8. Case Study
    8. Face-to-Face Selling
      1. Presentation Strategies
        1. Presentation Strategies Worksheet
      2. Starting the Interview
      3. Asking Questions
      4. Case Study
      5. Facts/Features, Transitions and Benefits
        1. Fact/Features
        2. Facts vs. Claims
        3. Transitions
        4. Benefits
    9. Closing for Commitment
      1. Testing for Buying Interest
      2. Sample Closes
      3. Reducing Resistance and Countering Concerns
        1. Persuasive Words
      4. Overcoming Objections
      5. The Importance of Nonverbal Communication
      6. Reviewing Your Efforts
      7. Evaluation of Sales Presentation
    10. Face-to-Face Selling Understanding Your Customer
      1. Selling to Different Communication Styles
      2. The Four Communication Styles
        1. Style 1: Detail-Seeker
        2. Style 2: Results-Seeker
        3. Style 3: Excitement-Seeker
        4. Style 4: Harmony-Seeker
      3. Understand Your Style
      4. What Did I Discover About Myself?
      5. Communication Styles Practice
      6. Four Case Situations
        1. Situation 1
        2. Situation 2
        3. Situation 3
        4. Situation 4
    11. Organize for Greater Sales
      1. Prioritizing Your Clients/Prospects
      2. Conquering the Paperwork Mountain
      3. Follow Up Made Easy: A Tickler/Suspense File
      4. Salvaging Scrap Time
        1. Make Notes
      5. Using a Prospect Lead Form
    12. Review
      1. What Did We Cover?
      2. Crossword Review
      3. Bibliography
        1. Bibliodiv
      4. Periodicals
        1. Bibliodiv