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Pro Tools® 101: An Introduction to Pro Tools 10

Book Description

Learn Pro Tools the way the pros do. PRO TOOLS 101: AN INTRODUCTION TO PRO TOOLS 10 is the official training package used in first-level certification courses for Pro Tools operators. Newly updated to cover the latest Pro Tools release, version 10, this new edition of PRO TOOLS 101 is the fastest, most systematic introduction to learning the fundamentals of the world's most popular recording software. PRO TOOLS 101: AN INTRODUCTION TO PRO TOOLS 10 quickly and effectively brings new users up to speed on the basics, from understanding the Pro Tools file structure and interface to creating a session, recording audio and MIDI, importing media, editing, mixing, and more. The book includes hands-on projects, with accompanying source files on DVD, that drive home the lessons, laying the perfect foundation for becoming a Pro Tools expert. Whether you're learning on your own or pursuing formal Pro Tools certification through an Avid Authorized Training Partner, PRO TOOLS 101: AN INTRODUCTION TO PRO TOOLS 10 is the first step on the road to mastery of Pro Tools 10.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. PART I Background Information
    1. LESSON 1 Getting to Know Pro Tools
      1. What Is Pro Tools?
      2. The Story of Pro Tools
      3. Basics of Digital Audio
      4. Pro Tools System Configurations
      5. Complete Production Toolkit
      6. Cross-Platform Issues
      7. Review/Discussion Questions
    2. EXERCISE 1 Pro Tools Hardware
    3. LESSON 2 Getting Inside Pro Tools
      1. Target Systems
      2. Pro Tools File Structure
      3. Starting Pro Tools
      4. The Pro Tools Software Interface
      5. Edit Tool Functions
      6. Edit Mode Features
      7. Time Scales and Rulers
      8. MIDI Control Features
      9. Review/Discussion Questions
    4. EXERCISE 2 The Software Interface
      1. Pro Tools Windows
      2. Tools and Controls
  9. PART II Working with Sessions
    1. LESSON 3 Creating Your First Session
      1. Quick Start
      2. Creating and Configuring a Pro Tools Session
      3. The Playback Cursor and the Edit Cursor
      4. Saving, Locating, and Opening Existing Sessions
      5. Review/Discussion Questions
    2. EXERCISE 3 Creating a Session
      1. Getting Started
      2. Creating Tracks and Setting the Main Time Scale
      3. Finishing Up
    3. LESSON 4 Making Your First Audio Recording
      1. Before Recording
      2. Preparing to Record
      3. Recording and Managing Audio
      4. Organizing after Recording
      5. Review/Discussion Questions
    4. LESSON 5 Importing and Working with Media in a Session
      1. Considerations Prior to Import
      2. Importing Audio
      3. Importing Video
      4. Adding Insert Processors
      5. Review/Discussion Questions
    5. EXERCISE 4 Importing Audio
      1. Getting Started
      2. Importing Audio for Existing Tracks
      3. Importing Audio to Tracks
      4. Finishing Up
    6. LESSON 6 Making Your First MIDI Recording
      1. MIDI Basics
      2. MIDI in Pro Tools
      3. Preparing to Record MIDI
      4. Using Virtual Instruments
      5. Setting the Session Meter, Tempo, and Key Signature
      6. Recording MIDI
      7. Viewing MIDI Data on MIDI-Compatible Tracks
      8. Review/Discussion Questions
    7. LESSON 7 Selecting and Navigating
      1. Using the Universe View
      2. Types of Selection
      3. Working with Selections
      4. Adjusting the Session View
      5. Adding Markers to Your Session
      6. Review/Discussion Questions
    8. EXERCISE 5 Configuring the Session and Adding Memory Locations
      1. Getting Started
      2. Configuring the Session
      3. Creating Memory Locations
      4. Finishing Up
    9. LESSON 8 Basic Editing Techniques
      1. Selecting Playback Options
      2. Using the Edit Modes
      3. Editing Clips
      4. Moving and Trimming Clips
      5. Creating Fade Effects
      6. Undoing Your Work
      7. Review/Discussion Questions
    10. EXERCISE 6 Editing Audio
      1. Getting Started
      2. Editing the Drums and Guitar
      3. Finishing Up
    11. LESSON 9 Basic Mixing Techniques
      1. Basic Mixer Terminology
      2. The Pro Tools Mix Window
      3. Basic Automation
      4. Real-Time Plug-Ins
      5. Review/Discussion Questions
    12. EXERCISE 7 Arranging Audio and Creating Shared Effects
      1. Getting Started
      2. Arranging the Vocal Tracks
      3. Creating a Reverb Effect
      4. Finishing Up
    13. LESSON 10 Finishing Your Work
      1. Backing Up Your Session
      2. Creating a Stereo Mixdown
      3. Burning Songs to CD from iTunes
      4. Review/Discussion Questions
    14. EXERCISE 8 Recording Automation and Creating a Stereo Bounce
      1. Getting Started
      2. Recording Automation
      3. Bouncing to Disk
      4. Finishing Up
  10. PART III Hands-On Projects
    1. OVERVIEW Project Introduction and Setup
      1. Getting to Know the Projects
      2. Pro Tools System Requirements
      3. Installing Project Session Files
    2. PROJECT 1 Music Hands-On Project
      1. Powering Up
      2. Opening the Music Project
      3. Creating New Tracks
      4. Working with MIDI Data
      5. Working with Audio Data
      6. Mixing in Pro Tools
      7. Finishing Your Work
    3. PROJECT 2 Post Hands-On Project
      1. Powering Up
      2. Opening the Post Project
      3. Creating New Tracks
      4. Importing Media
      5. Editing in Pro Tools
      6. Mixing in Pro Tools
      7. Finishing Your Work
  11. PART IV Course Completion Information and Appendixes
    1. OVERVIEW Information for Course Completion
      1. Locating an Avid Partner
      2. Additional Projects
      3. Course Assessment Exam
      4. Certificate of Completion
      5. Pro Tools 110
  12. APPENDIX A Avid Pro Tools Plug-Ins
  13. APPENDIX B Creative Collection Plug-Ins
  14. INDEX