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Pro Tools® 10 IGNITE!

Book Description

Get ready to explore the world of computer music creation with Pro Tools® 10! Even if you've never created music on your computer, PRO TOOLS 10 IGNITE! will give you the skills required to record and mix with confidence. This book presents everything you need to know about this amazing digital audio workstation, with easy-to-follow instructions and screenshots that make it simple to dive into the features. Begin with the basic techniques of recording, editing, and mixing MIDI and digital audio. Then, get ready to harness the power of Pro Tools 10 as you explore software effects, virtual instruments, and mixes that you can automate and edit with some of the best tools in the business. Follow along using the sample files on the book's CD-ROM, which also includes four appendixes for further learning. Ignite your music with the power of Pro Tools 10!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
  5. Welcome to Pro Tools 10
    1. What Makes Up a Pro Tools System?
    2. Great Resources: Avid’s Compatibility Documents, Knowledgebase, and In-Application Help
    3. A Word About Installation
    4. iLok Protection
    5. Choosing an Audio Engine
    6. Understanding Sessions and Files
    7. Basic Pro Tools Operation
    8. Creating a New Session
    9. Playing a Session
    10. Saving Your Work
    11. Closing Your Session
    12. Closing Your Session
  6. Getting Around in Pro Tools
    1. The Edit, Mix, and Transport Windows
    2. Working with the Edit Window
    3. Working with the Mix Window
    4. The Transport Window
    5. Other Useful Windows
    6. Window Management
  7. Getting Started with Audio
    1. Setup
    2. The Playback Engine Dialog Box
    3. Customizing Your Session: I/O Setup
    4. Tracks
    5. Importing Audio
    6. Working with Tracks
    7. Making Selections and Playing Audio
  8. Recording Audio
    1. Getting Started: Signal Flow 101
    2. Synchronization
    3. Basic Recording
    4. Other Recording Options
    5. Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting
  9. Editing
    1. Understanding the Edit Window
    2. Moving Clips on the Timeline: The Edit Modes
    3. Basic Tool Functions
    4. Assembling a Track
    5. Edit Playlists
    6. Track-Comping Tools
  10. ...And More Editing
    1. More Organization: Memory Locations
    2. Window Configurations
    3. Zoom
    4. More Ways to Work with Selections
    5. Beyond the Basics
    6. Creating and Customizing Fades
    7. Getting Specific: Nudging Clips
    8. Cool Editing Tools
  11. Using MIDI
    1. Setting Up Your MIDI Studio
    2. Signal Flow 201: MIDI Versus Audio
    3. Recording MIDI
    4. Editing MIDI
    5. Managing a MIDI Session
  12. Basic Mixing
    1. More Signal Flow
    2. Exploring the Mix Window
    3. Mix Groups
    4. Using Effects
    5. Automating Your Mix
  13. Finishing Touches
    1. More Fun with Mixing
    2. New in Pro Tools 10: Clip-Based Gain
    3. Track-Output Options
    4. New in Pro Tools 10: Bus Interrogation
    5. Using Master Fader Tracks
    6. Bouncing to Disk
  14. Moving to the Next Level: Tips and Tricks
    1. Boosting Performance with Disk Allocation
    2. Recording with Cue Mixes
    3. Making the Most of Editing
    4. Cool Editing Tricks
    5. Elastic Audio
    6. Advanced Resource Management
    7. Working with Video
    8. Interoperability: Making Shared Sessions Work
    9. Good Luck!
  15. Index