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Prescription for Survival

Book Description

“How close we came to extinction, and it is forgotten now.” So begins Nobel Prize-winner Bernard Lown’s story of his fight against the nuclear symptom of what he calls “the disease of militarism.” It is still active and highly contagious, as witnessed by events in Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and all too many other places. And it can only be stopped, as this extraordinary memoir vividly demonstrates, by concerned citizens working together. In 1981, brimming with anxiety about the escalating nuclear confrontation with the Russians, Lown launched a USA-USSR antinuclear movement with Soviet cardiologist Evgeni Chazov: The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). Over the next four years Lown and Chazov recruited more than 150,000 doctors worldwide to join their movement, held international conferences that included U. S. and Russian military leaders, met with numerous world political leaders, and appeared on television programs broadcast throughout the USSR and the U. S. In 1985, despite active opposition from the U. S. government and NATO, Lown and Chazov accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of IPPNW. This dramatic story is told with a vibrancy of language that illuminates dramatic scenes such as Lown convincing King Hussein of Jordan to join the anti-nuclear struggle during a medical exam, the heart attack of a Russian journalist at an IPPNW press conference, and Lown’s face-to-face conversations with Gorbachev. Although this book is concerned with a potential clash of superpowers, Lown writes, “At the heart of these cascading events is a human narrative.” “Historical amnesia is a prelude for repeated victimization,” Lown says. Prescription for Survival probes the past to help us understand what drove, and continues to drive, nuclear proliferation, and offers a blueprint showing how we can join together across national boundaries to end it.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. More Praise for Prescription for Survival
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Foreword
  6. Prologue: Back to the Future
  7. 1: The Final Epidemic
  8. 2: Early Russian Connections
  9. 3: The Sudden Cardiac Death Task Force: US-Soviet Collaboration
  10. 4: The Friendship Strategy: Building Trust to Sustain Life
  11. 5: “For Your Six-Month-Old Grandson”
  12. 6: “You Can’t Trust the Russians”: A Fragile Alliance in Geneva
  13. 7: “Doctors of the World, Unite!”
  14. 8: “More Sweat, Less Blood”
  15. 9: Cambridge, England: The Military Brass Came Marching in
  16. 10: We Dominate Soviet TV for One Hour
  17. 11: The Catholic Church Defends My Left Flank
  18. 12: “Pay Attention to Gorbachev!” “But Who is He?”
  19. 13: A Nuclear Game of Chicken: Reagan Leads the Cold War
  20. 14: Message for Tomorrow: The Third Congress, Amsterdam
  21. 15: Brinkmanship: KAL Flight 007 Shot Down
  22. 16: Andropov’s Message in a Time of Crisis
  23. 17: The Year Without a Summer: Nuclear Winter
  24. 18: “No Arsonist Will be Invited!”
  25. 19: Endless Daylight in Helsinki
  26. 20: Mothers Fight Back
  27. 21: “No Peace Without Justice”
  28. 22: Gorbachev Challenges the Nuclear Status Quo
  29. 23: The Medical Prescription: No Trust Required
  30. 24: The Nobel Prize: My Mother Expected It
  31. 25: A Space Traveler’s Puzzle
  32. 26: Cooperation, Not Confrontation: A Long Conversation with Gorbachev
  33. Epilogue: From Communism to Terrorism
  34. Appendix: IPPNW Time Line
  35. Acknowledgments
  36. Notes
    1. Chapter: 1
    2. Chapter: 3
    3. Chapter: 4
    4. Chapter: 5
    5. Chapter: 6
    6. Chapter: 7
    7. Chapter: 8
    8. Chapter: 9
    9. Chapter: 10
    10. Chapter: 11
    11. Chapter: 12
    12. Chapter: 13
    13. Chapter: 14
    14. Chapter: 15
    15. Chapter: 16
    16. Chapter: 17
    17. Chapter: 18
    18. Chapter: 19
    19. Chapter: 20
    20. Chapter: 21
    21. Chapter: 22
    22. Chapter: 23
    23. Chapter: 24
    24. Chapter: 25
    25. Chapter: 26
    26. Epilogue
  37. Index
  38. About the Author
  39. About Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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