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Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of Salesforce.com

Book Description


"Alexander Graham Bell discovered the telephone, Thomas Edison discovered electricity and Aaron Ross discovered the Enterprise Market for Salesforce.com." 
SHELLY DAVENPORT - VP Worldwide Sales at Replicon & ex-VP Corporate Sales at Salesforce.com

Discover the outbound sales process that, in just a few years, helped add $100 million in recurring revenue to Salesforce.com, almost doubling their enterprise growth... with zero cold calls.

This is NOT another book about how to cold call or close deals. This is an entirely new kind of sales bible for CEOs, entrepreneurs and sales VPs to help you build a sales machine.  What does it take for your sales team to generate as many highly-qualified new leads as you want, create predictable revenue, and meet your financial goals without your constant focus and attention? 

  • How an outbound sales process ("Cold Calling 2.0"), that without cold calls or a marketing budget, can generate a 9% response rate and millions of dollars from cold prospects.
  • The Seven Fatal Sales Mistakes CEOs and Sales VPs (even experienced ones) make time and time again.
  • How outbound sales and selling can be friendly, helpful and enjoyable.
  • How to develop self-managing sales teams, turning your employees into mini-CEOs.
  • And more...

Table of Contents

  1. Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of Salesforce.com
  2. What people are saying about “Predictable Revenue”...
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Foreword
  5. 1. Where the $100 Million Came From
    1. Start Here
    2. The “Hot Coals” Sketch
    3. The Painful Planning Mistake Boards & Sales VPs Make Every Year
    4. Have You Ever Felt Like An Utter Failure?
    5. The $100 Million Sales Process
    6. Make Your Lack Of Money An Advantage
  6. 2. Cold Calling 2.0: Ramp Sales Fast Without Cold Calls
    1. The First Breakthroughs
    2. Terms And Abbreviations
    3. RIP Cold Calling
    4. Salesforce.com’s Cold Calling 2.0 Story
    5. Cold Calling 1.0 Vs. Cold Calling 2.0
    6. Could Cold Calling 2.0 Work For My Company?
    7. Why Account Executives Should Not Make Cold Calls
    8. CASE STUDY: Cold Calling 2.0 Example: HyperQuality Triples Results in 90 Days
    9. Case study: How Predictable Revenue helps drive Acquia’s $100 million revenue trajectory
  7. 3. Executing Cold Calling 2.0
    1. Getting Started With Cold Calling 2.0
    2. Why Sales Development and Market Response Should Be Separated
    3. Choosing A Sales Force Automation System
    4. How Cold Calling 2.0 Works – The Process
    5. Step 1: Get Clear On Your Ideal Customer Profile
    6. Step 2: Building Your List Of Targets
    7. Step 3: Run Outbound Email Campaigns
    8. Step 4: Sell The Dream
    9. Step 5: Pass The Baton (When Is An Opportunity Qualified?)
    10. Improve Call Effectiveness Without Scripts
    11. Move Prospects Through “Account Status” Assembly Line Stages
    12. SDR Compensation
    13. SDRs: Account Executives Are Your Customers
  8. 4. Prospecting and Sales Best Practices
    1. A “Day in the Life” (SDR Example)
    2. The Top Six Prospecting Mistakes Reps Make
    3. My Favorite Prospecting Questions
    4. 7 Quick Prospecting Tricks
    5. Time Management and Focus Tip: “3 Goals For The Day”
    6. Example Dashboards In Salesforce.com
    7. For A Sales Team
  9. 5. Sales Best Practices
    1. Sell To Success
    2. 9 Ways You Lengthen Your Sales Cycles
    3. Obsess About the Decision-making Process, Not The Decision-maker
    4. 9 Steps To Create Free Trials That Maximize Conversion Rates
    5. A 3-Hour-and-15-Minute Sales Process
    6. Killer Salespeople Uncover True Problems Behind Desired Solutions
    7. Prospects Should Earn Proposals
    8. My Favorite Sales Call Question Of All Time
  10. 6. Lead Generation and “Seeds, Nets & Spears”
    1. Distinguishing Leads: “Seeds, Nets and Spears”
    2. Defining Prospects, Leads, Opportunities, Clients and Champions
    3. Use “Layers Of The Onion” To Sell For You
    4. How To Generate A Steady Flow Of Inbound Leads
    5. Marketing Automation Best Practices: How Marketo Uses Marketo
    6. Maximize Your ROI From Tradeshows and Conferences
  11. 7. Seven Fatal Sales Mistakes CEOsand Sales VPs Make
    1. Fatal Mistake 1: Not taking responsibility for understanding sales and lead generation
    2. Fatal Mistake 2: Thinking Account Executives should prospect (making Account Executives Jacks-of-all-trades)
    3. Fatal Mistake 3: Assuming channels will do the selling for you
    4. Fatal Mistake 4: Talent fumbles (hiring, training, incenting)
    5. Fatal Mistake 5: Thinking “product-out,” not “customer-in”
    6. Fatal Mistake 6: Sloppy tracking and measurement
    7. Fatal Mistake 7: Command-and-control management
    8. Bonus Mistake: Under-investing in customer success
  12. 8. Sales Machine Fundamentals
    1. Happy Customers Create Extraordinary Growth
    2. Sales 1.0 (Promotion) And Sales 2.0 (Attraction)
    3. Nine Principles Of Building A Sales Machine
    4. Separate The Four Core Sales Functions
    5. If You Sell To Sales Executives...
    6. A Totally Different Vision For Structuring Sales Teams
  13. 9. Cultivating Your Talent
    1. Happy Employees Develop Happy Customers
    2. “Where Do I Hire Great Salespeople?”
    3. The Very Best Salespeople...
    4. Should You Consider Commission-Only Salespeople?
    5. The Importance Of Follow-through
    6. The Best Kind Of Sales Training
    7. A Self-Managing Weekly “SalesforceU” Training Meeting
  14. 10. Leadership and Management
    1. 6 Responsibilities Of A Manager
    2. Retaining Star Employees
    3. How We Created Sales Machine Alignment Through Salesforce.com’s V2MOM Planning Process
    4. Three Ways To Inspire And Improve The Sales Organization
    5. Why Do Salespeople Resist Following Directions?
    6. How To Design Self-Managing Teams And Processes
    7. Engage The Whole Team In Designing Their Compensation
    8. 10 Ways To Improve Sales Force Automation Adoption
  15. 11. Next Steps and Resources
    1. Where Will You Go From Here?
    2. Follow These People
    3. Products To Watch
    4. Sales Training and Education Services
    5. Unique Genius: Make Money Through Enjoyment
    6. About the authors