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Pocket Rough Guide Copenhagen

Book Description

The Pocket Rough Guide to Copenhagen is your essential guide to this cultural hot spot, with information on all the key sights in an easy-to-use format.

Whether you have an afternoon or a few days at your disposal, Rough Guides' carefully curated itineraries help you plan your trip, and the "Best of" Copenhagen section picks out the highlights you won't want to miss.

Divided by area for easy navigation, the Places section is written in Rough Guides' trademark honest and informative style, with listings of the must-see sights and our pick of the places to eat, drink, and more.

· The very best of the area, selected by our expert authors

· Tailored itineraries and highlights to make trip-planning easy

· Inspirational color photography brings the area to life on the pages

· Up-to-date background information, including transportation details and a calendar of events

Travel like you mean it, with The Pocket Rough Guide to Copenhagen.

Now available in ePub format.