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PMP® Project Management Professional Exam: Review Guide

Book Description

A concise, focused study aid aimed at preparing you for PMP certification

The Project Management Profressional (PMP) certification is the most desired skill in today's IT marketplace and candidates are required to have thousands of hours of PM experience even before taking the PMP exam.

As the ideal reading companion to PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, Fifth Edition, or any PMP exam prep guide, this focused study tool gives you that extra preparation you need to approach the grueling PMP exam with confidence. More than 120 review questions, two bonus exams, electronic flashcards, and a searchable key term database all contribute to your preparation for taking the PMP exam.

  • Works hand in hand with PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, Fifth Edition

  • Six chapters correspond to the six domain areas of the PMP exam: initating the project, planning the project, executing the project, monitoring and controlling the project, closing the project, professional and social responsibility

  • Accompanying CD-ROM features a test engine, electronic flashcards, and a searchable PDF of key terms

  • If you're looking to be as prepared as possible before taking the 200-question, 4-hour PMP exam, then this review guide is a must-read.

    Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Dear Reader
    3. Dedication
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. About the Authors
    6. Introduction
    7. Foundation of a Project
      1. Defining a Project
      2. Defining Project Management
      3. Project Management Skills
      4. Understanding Organizational Structures
      5. Understanding the Project Environment
      6. Project Life Cycles and Project Management Processes
      7. Review Questions
      8. Answers to Review Questions
    8. Initiating
      1. Introducing the Project Management Knowledge Areas
      2. Initiating a Project
      3. The Project Charter
      4. Identify Stakeholders
      5. Bringing the Processes Together
      6. Review Questions
      7. Answers to Review Questions
    9. Planning
      1. Develop Project Management Plan
      2. Collect Requirements
      3. Define Scope
      4. Create WBS
      5. Define Activities
      6. Sequence Activities
      7. Estimate Activity Resources
      8. Estimate Activity Durations
      9. Develop Schedule
      10. Estimate Costs
      11. Determine Budget
      12. Plan Communications
      13. Plan Risk Management
      14. Identify Risks
      15. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
      16. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
      17. Plan Risk Responses
      18. Plan Procurements
      19. Develop Human Resource Plan
      20. Plan Quality
      21. Kickoff Meetings
      22. Bringing the Processes Together
      23. Review Questions
      24. Answers to Review Questions
    10. Executing
      1. Direct and Manage Project Execution
      2. Acquire Project Team
      3. Develop Project Team
      4. Manage Project Team
      5. Conduct Procurements
      6. Perform Quality Assurance
      7. Distribute Information
      8. Manage Stakeholder Expectations
      9. Bringing the Processes Together
      10. Review Questions
      11. Answers to Review Questions
    11. Monitoring and Controlling
      1. Monitor and Control Project Work
      2. Administer Procurements
      3. Report Performance
      4. Perform Integrated Change Control
      5. Monitor and Control Risks
      6. Control Costs
      7. Control Schedule
      8. Perform Quality Control
      9. Verify Scope
      10. Control Scope
      11. Bringing the Processes Together
      12. Review Questions
      13. Answers to Review Questions
    12. Closing
      1. Close Project or Phase
      2. Close Procurements
      3. Finalizing Project Closure
      4. Bringing the Processes Together
      5. Review Questions
      6. Answers to Review Questions
    13. Social and Professional Responsibility
      1. Upholding Individual Integrity
      2. Industry Advancement
      3. Review Questions
      4. Answers to Review Questions
    14. About the Companion CD
      1. What You'll Find on the CD
      2. System Requirements
      3. Using the CD
      4. Troubleshooting
    15. Glossary
      1. Numbers
      2. A
      3. B
      4. C
      5. D
      6. E
      7. F
      8. G
      9. H
      10. I
      11. K
      12. L
      13. M
      14. N
      15. O
      16. P
      17. Q
      18. R
      19. S
      20. T
      21. V
      22. W
      23. Z