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Perspectives™ On Social Media Marketing

Book Description

Perspectives on Social Media Marketing addresses 90 - 100 compelling and important issues that marketers deal with on a regular basis when it comes to social media. These issues include understanding what social media is, how it has changed the marketing landscape, ways to leverage it for reaching consumers, how to best measure the ROI of a social media campaign, and more. For each of these issues or topics, both authors provide their expert insight and feedback from their own unique perspective - one from the perspective of the marketing agency, the other from the perspective of the brand or marketer.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About The Authors
  5. About The Series Editor
  6. Introduction
  7. Opening Remarks
  8. One. Really Understanding Social Media
    1. Topic # 1 Q: How Would You Define Social Media?
    2. Topic # 2 Q: Why Does Social Media Have Such a Powerful Impact?
    3. Topic # 3 Q: How Has Social Media Changed General Marketing Strategies?
    4. Topic # 4 Q: Does Branding Still Matter? Has the Definition of “Brand” Changed?
    5. Topic # 5 Q: Can Small Companies and Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Social Media? Or Is It Mostly for Large Players?
    6. Topic # 6 Q: What Is Personal Branding and How Important Is It?
    7. Topic # 7 Q: Should Companies Allow Executives or Other Employees to Develop Personal Brands as Representatives of the Company?
    8. Topic # 8 Q: What Are Some of the Popular Misconceptions Many Marketers Have About Social Media?
    9. Topic # 9 Q: Should Traditional Marketing Efforts Be Relegated to a Museum? Or Do They Still Hold Value?
    10. Topic # 10 Q: How (If at All) Has Social Media Altered the Consumer Buying Cycle?
    11. Topic # 11 Q: Is Social Media an Evolution of Marketing or an Evolution of Public Relations? How Has Social Media Changed PR?
    12. Topic # 12 Q: How Has Social Media Changed Customer Service?
    13. Topic # 13 Q: What Are the Five Most Common Mistakes or Misconceptions Most Marketing Managers Make When It Comes to Social Media?
    14. Topic # 14 Q: Is It Possible for Any Company to Ignore Social Media Completely but Still Survive and Succeed?
    15. Topic # 15 Q: Do Consumers Really Want to Communicate with Brands? Why?
    16. Topic # 16 Q: Is Social Networking More About Networking or More About Marketing?
    17. Topic # 17 Q: Is There Such a Thing as Privacy Anymore?
    18. Topic # 18 Q: Can B2B Companies Use Social Media to Their Advantage? How?
    19. Topic # 19 Q: What Is Meant By “Engagement” and Why Has It Become Such an Important Topic?
    20. Topic # 20 Q: Why Does Transparency in Marketing Matter More Now Than It Did Prior to the Social Media Boom?
    21. Topic # 21 Q: How, If at All, Has Social Media Changed the Way People Relate to Each Other and the World in General?
  9. Two. Implementing Strategy
    1. Topic # 22 Q: What Is the Cost of Entry for a Social Media Marketing Effort?
    2. Topic # 23 Q: Is It Possible to Run a Regional Social Media Campaign? Or Is It Impossible to Contain?
    3. Topic # 24 Q: Should Marketers Seek to Integrate Social Media Efforts with Traditional Efforts? Or Should They Be Kept, Planned, and Run Independently of Each Other?
    4. Topic # 25 Q: If There Is Room for Social Media and Traditional Efforts to Be Integrated, What Strategy Should Be Planned First: Social Media or Traditional? Or Should Both Be Planned Simultaneously?
    5. Topic # 26 Q: What Tools Are “Must Haves” for Every Social Media–Marketing Effort?
    6. Topic # 27 Q: What Advice Would You Give a Manager for a Company That Has So Far Ignored Social Media but Now Wants to Get Up to Speed?
    7. Topic # 28 Q: Everyone Knows the Big Three Networks: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Do Marketers Need to Focus on Any Other Networks?
    8. Topic # 29 Q: Are Digital Agencies Ready to Lead?
    9. Topic # 30 Q: Should Strategy Come from PR or Marketing?
    10. Topic # 31 Q: Can There Be a Creative Foundation in a Social Media Effort? Or Is It Simply an Ongoing Conversation?
    11. Topic # 32 Q: Should Employees Be Allowed or Encouraged to Use Social Media on Behalf of the Companies They Work For?
    12. Topic # 33 Q: What Are the Best Ways to Use Social Media to Deal with a PR Crisis?
    13. Topic # 34 Q: What Specific Ways Can Marketers Use Social Media to Improve Customer Service? What About Market Research?
    14. Topic # 35 Q: How Can Social Media Be Used to Reach the Mainstream Media for PR Purposes? Do Traditional Releases Still Play a Role in PR Strategies?
    15. Topic # 36 Q: Considering FTC Laws Regulating Paid Blogging Reviews, How Can Blogger Outreach Still Be Used Effectively?
    16. Topic # 37 Q: What Are the Best Ways to Create and Use Blogs for Attracting an Audience? Are There Any Set Rules That Marketers Should Follow When Developing a Blog?
    17. Topic # 38 Q: Somebody Left a Dissenting or Disparaging Comment on My Blog. Should I Delete It?
    18. Topic # 39 Q: Should the Voice of Online Communications Be the Same as the One Used Offline, Such as in Body Copy for a Print Ad?
    19. Topic # 40 Q: Should Companies Allow Consumers to Publicly Review Their Products or Services on Their Site? What If the Reviews Are Bad?
    20. Topic # 41 Q: With So Many Sites, and So Many Conversations Taking Place in Real Time, How Can a Marketing Director Keep Up with Everything?
    21. Topic # 42 Q: What’s More Important When It Comes to Social Media Campaigns: Concept, Conversation, or Collaboration?
    22. Topic # 43 Q: What Are Wikis, Widgets, and Applications, and What Role Do They Play in Social Media Marketing?
    23. Topic # 44 Q: How Can Companies Use Social Media Internally to Improve Employee Morale?
    24. Topic # 45 Q: How Can Companies Encourage Employees to Use Social Media Without Putting Internal Project Deadlines and Productivity at Risk?
    25. Topic # 46 Q: Where and How Do You Find the Consumers You Want to Talk To?
    26. Topic # 47 Q: When (If at All) Is It Appropriate to Join a Conversation Among Consumers About Your Brand?
    27. Topic # 48 Q: How Can Brands Provide Useful Information Through Social Media Without Being Overly Promotional?
    28. Topic # 49 Q: How Can Brands Maneuver an Online Conversation Toward Consideration of Their Product or Service?
    29. Topic # 50 Q: A Renegade Consumer Is Publicly Making Negative Comments About Your Brand. Should You Deal with It Publicly or Try to Reach Out to This Consumer Offline?
    30. Topic # 51 Q: Who Should Maintain a Company’s Social Media Presence?
    31. Topic # 52 Q: Implementing a Social Media Strategy Takes Dollars from a Budget That Could Be Allocated Elsewhere. Where Should Those Dollars Come From?
    32. Topic # 53 Q: Are Paid Online Endorsements by Celebrities Worthwhile?
    33. Topic # 54 Q: Is Design an Important Part of Social Media? How and Why?
    34. Topic # 55 Q: What Components Should Your Company’s Social Media Handbook Include?
    35. Topic # 56 Q: In Advertising, They Say Repetition Is Key. Does Repetition Matter in Social Media?
  10. Three. Tactical Implementation
    1. Topic # 57 Q: What Are Your Five Most Important Tips for Using Twitter in Communication Strategies?
    2. Topic # 58 Q: Unsavory Users Are Following Your Brand. Should You Block Them or Allow It?
    3. Topic # 59 Q: Should Your Company Follow People on Twitter, or Just Be Followed?
    4. Topic # 60 Q: Is There a Formula for How Often Your Company Should Tweet? Is There a Minimum or Maximum Per Day That You Would Recommend?
    5. Topic # 61 Q: Is It Okay to Send the Same Tweet Multiple Times?
    6. Topic # 62 Q: What Is a Recommended Tweet Ratio of Conversation to Promotion?
    7. Topic # 63 Q: How Can Hashtags Be Used to Improve Twitter Marketing Performance?
    8. Topic # 64 Q: What Are Your Five Favorite Twitter Tools?
    9. Topic # 65 Q: Are Facebook Fan Pages for Everyone? How Can Companies Best Use Fan Pages to Promote Their Brand?
    10. Topic # 66 Q: What Are Some Practical Ways That Facebook Applications Can Be Used to Generate Awareness?
    11. Topic # 67 Q: What Would You Say Are the Three Most Important Rules or Guidelines Marketers Should Follow When Using Facebook?
    12. Topic # 68 Q: What Role Does Streaming Video Play in Social Media Marketing? How Can It Be Used Most Effectively?
    13. Topic # 69 Q: Is There a Sure-Fire Recipe for Creating a Successful Viral Video or Application? What Tips Would You Give for Creating Content That Catches On?
    14. Topic # 70 Q: Is Blogging Important in Terms of Marketing? Why?
    15. Topic # 71 Q: What Five Points Separate Good Blogs from Bad Blogs?
    16. Topic # 72 Q: What Are Your Favorite Platforms, Tools, and Widgets for Creating a Great Blog?
    17. Topic # 73 Q: What Other Tools, Sites, Applications, or Networks Would You Recommend That Haven’t Already Been Covered or Discussed in This Book?
  11. Four. Managing, Measuring, and Achieving Success
    1. Topic # 74 Q: What Accounts for Success in a Social Media–Marketing Campaign?
    2. Topic # 75 Q: How Is Social Media Measurement Different from Traditional Marketing Measurement?
    3. Topic # 76 Q: Is There a Direct Relationship Between Social Media and Sales?
    4. Topic # 77 Q: Once Information Is Out on the Social Web, It Can Be Hard If Not Impossible to Take It Back. What Can You Do in the Event of a Mistake?
    5. Topic # 78 Q: Are Agencies Necessary? Or Can Brands Handle Social Media Campaigns on Their Own?
    6. Topic # 79 Q: In the Social Space, Conversations Change in Real Time. How Can Small, Medium, and Large Companies Keep Up?
    7. Topic # 80 Q: What Role Does Measuring Market Sentiment Play in Achieving Overall Success? What Are the Best Ways to Measure It?
    8. Topic # 81 Q: Is It Possible, or Even Important, to Set Goals for Social Media Outreach? If So, How?
    9. Topic # 82 Q: Is It Ever Too Late to Start Social Media?
    10. Topic # 83 Q: Can Online Efforts Really Contribute to Offline Sales? Is There Evidence Supporting This, One Way or the Other?
    11. Topic # 84 Q: What Are Some of the Best Tools for Measuring Success?
  12. Five. Just for Fun
    1. Topic # 85 Q: What Will the Internet Look Like Three Years from Now? What Will It Look Like 10 Years from Now?
    2. Topic # 86 Q: What Would You Consider to Be the Best Social Media Campaign Ever Run?
    3. Topic # 87 Q: What Would You Consider to Be the Worst Social Media Campaign Ever Run?
    4. Topic # 88 Q: Which Companies (Other Than Your Own) Really Seem to Get It When It Comes to Social Media Marketing?
    5. Topic # 89 Q: Which Industry Experts Do You Admire and Why?