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Personal Improvement Strategies

Video Description

Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry share strategies and skills to help you develop and improve yourself and your chances of success in your career. Learn to set goals, think positively, succeed at appraisals, learn from mistakes, get the most out of training and be careful with email.

The six video chapters are:

  1. Personal Goal Setting: 13 minutes Learn the five most common mistakes people make in setting goals and how to overcome them to achieve success.
  2. Successful Thinking Habits: 14 minutes Learn eight ways to overcome blocks and achieve in work and personal life through successful thinking habits.
  3. Preparing for Your Appraisal: 15 minutes Evaluate your performance to ensure you get what you want out of the interview.
  4. Learning from Mistakes: 14 minutes Discover a simple three-step process for learning from mistakes and how to embed it into the culture of your organization.
  5. Getting The Most out of Training: 13 minutes Learn to take more personal responsibility for maximized learning. Motivates those about to engage in a training activity.
  6. Be Careful with Email: 15 minutes Avoid legal and other dangers, and increase email professionalism. Learn the main 'email sins'.