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Outside-In Marketing: Using Big Data to Guide your Content Marketing

Book Description

Supercharge ROI by Rebuilding Content Marketing Around Your Customer!

Marketing has always been about my brand, my product, my company. That’s “inside-out” marketing. Today, customers hate it—and ignore it. What does work? Customized messages they already care about. Marketing that respects their time and gives them immediate value in exchange for their attention. Marketing that’s “outside-in.”

Now, two renowned digital marketing thought leaders show how to integrate content marketing with Big Data to create high-ROI, outside-in marketing. James Mathewson and Mike Moran share new practices, techniques, guidelines, and metrics for engaging on your customers’ terms, using their words, reflecting their motivations. Whether you’re a content marketer, marketing executive, or analyst, you’ll learn how to:

• Ease your customers’ pain—solve what keeps them up at night—with compelling content experiences
• Build content that’s essential to clients and prospects in each step of their buyer journeys
• Integrate search and social data into all facets of content development to continually improve its effectiveness
• Build evergreen content that is continuously improved to better meet the needs of your clients and prospects
• Apply advanced machine learning, text analytics, and sentiment analysis to craft more discoverable, shareable content
• Shape your messages to intercept your clients’ and prospects’ information discovery in Google
• Transform culture and systems to excel at outside-in marketing

Table of Contents

  1. About This E-Book
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
    1. Who This Book Is For
    2. What’s In This Book
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. About the Authors
  9. 1. Understanding Outside-In Marketing
    1. What Is Outside-In Marketing?
    2. Is Outside-In Marketing Really That Different?
    3. Direct Marketing: Push vs. Pull
    4. Advertising: Broad Spend vs. Narrow Spend
    5. Telemarketing: Interruption Marketing vs. Interception Marketing
    6. Event Marketing: Short Shelf Life vs. Long Shelf Life
    7. What Is Content Marketing?
      1. Content Marketing Starts with Creating Great Content
      2. Content Is Useful Only in Context
      3. Content Needs Information Paths
      4. Great Content Speaks Your Customer’s Language
      5. Content Marketing Requires a Publisher’s Reputation
    8. Wrapping Up: From Inside-Out to Outside-In
  10. 2. Content Marketing: A Deeper Dive
    1. What Content Marketing Is
      1. Content Marketing Is Credible
      2. Content Marketing Is Targeted
      3. Content Marketing Is Differentiated
      4. Content Marketing Is Measurable
    2. What Content Marketing Is Not
      1. Content Marketing Is Not About Volume
      2. Content Marketing Is Not a Cheaper Form of Print
      3. Content Marketing Is Not Merely Social Media Marketing
      4. Content Marketing Is Not Merely Online Publishing
      5. Content Marketing Is Not Just for Market Capture
      6. Content Marketing Is Not a Replacement for Public Relations
    3. Wrapping Up: Content Marketing Takes a Village
  11. 3. Content Marketing Transformation: Culture
    1. Culture Transformation Starts with Listening
      1. Sales Listening
      2. Customer Support Listening
      3. Market Research Listening
      4. Competitive Analysis Listening
    2. Cultural Change Must Be Approached Role by Role
      1. Marketing Managers
      2. Content Owners
      3. Content Developers
      4. Content Strategists
      5. Information Architects
      6. User Experience Designers
      7. Web Designers
      8. Web Developers
      9. Metrics Analysts
      10. Community Managers
    3. Barriers to the Outside-In Culture Change
      1. Barrier 1: Brand Building Is Valued More Than Customer Building
      2. Barrier 2: Marketing Is Stuck in Advertising
      3. Barrier 3: Marketing Must Be Separated from Public Relations
      4. Barrier 4: Marketing Is Beneath Us
      5. Barrier 5: Executives Prefer Their Opinions to Data
    4. Wrapping Up: How Culture Eats Process
  12. 4. Infrastructure Transformation: Targeted Content
    1. Audience Research Systems
      1. Search Keyword Research
      2. Social Media Listening
    2. Content Messaging Systems
      1. Content Authoring Systems
      2. Content Management Systems
      3. Taxonomy and Tagging Systems
    3. Audience Feedback Systems
      1. Key Performance Indicators
      2. Attribution Modeling
    4. Wrapping Up: Your Entire Infrastructure Matters
  13. 5. Content Strategy: Aligning Content to the Buyer Journey
    1. Top-Down Content Strategy
    2. Auditing Existing Content
    3. Mapping Buyer Journeys
      1. Using Search to Understand Buyer Journeys
    4. Prioritizing Content Efforts
    5. Building Quality Content
      1. What Is Quality Web Content?
      2. How Do You Create Quality Web Content?
    6. Building Assets for the Buyer Journey
      1. Videos
      2. Blogs
      3. Podcasts
      4. White Papers
      5. Case Studies
      6. Demos
    7. Promoting Content
    8. Wrapping Up: Sound Strategy Is the Key to Content Marketing
  14. 6. User Experience: Helping Buyers Make Purchasing Decisions
    1. User Experience Basics
    2. Finding the Problems
      1. High Bounce Rates
      2. Low Engagement Rates
      3. Low Conversion Rates
      4. Low Advocacy Rates
    3. Fixing the Problems
      1. Generating Ideas
      2. Testing Ideas Before You Launch Them
      3. Proving Ideas after You Launch Them
    4. Propagating the Fixes
    5. Wrapping Up: It’s All About the Data
  15. Index