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Our Beautiful, Fragile World

Book Description

Our Beautiful, Fragile World features a career-spanning look at the images of photojournalist Peter Essick taken while on assignment for National Geographic Magazine. In this book, Essick showcases photographs from the most beautiful natural areas in the world and documents contemporary environmental issues, such as climate change and nuclear waste.

Our Beautiful, Fragile World takes the reader on a journey around the globe, from the beautiful Oulanka National Park near the Arctic Circle in Finland to the Adelie penguin breeding grounds in Antarctica.

Our Beautiful, Fragile World will interest photographers of all skill levels. It carries an important message about conservation, and the photographs provide a compelling look at our environment that will resonate with people of all ages who care about the state of the natural world.

Foreword by Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Foreword by Jean-Michel Cousteau
  7. Introduction Photographic Expressions for a Better World
  8. The Trobriand Islands: A Microcosm of our Dwindling Resources
  9. The Golden Grain: Before a Tarnished Image
  10. Creating a New World: Wasting Water Along the Way
  11. No Dam Good: Too Many People
  12. Inner Japan: Zen and the Art of Living Close to Nature
  13. On the Environmental Beat: Finding a New Voice
  14. Fish Story: Clean Water and Well-to-Do Anglers
  15. California Desert Lands: The Sublime and the Desolate
  16. Our National Forests: Spotted Owls and Smog-Stressed Trees
  17. The Colorado: A River Not Quite as Grand
  18. Mother Nature: The Perfect Collaborator
  19. Easy Ways of the Altamaha: Time to Reflect
  20. American Wilderness: A System Like No Other
  21. Dangerous Work: A Close Call in Tracy Arm, Alaska
  22. A Trip to Mars: Exploring Wilderness in the High North
  23. Mining Hard Rocks: Polluting, Royalty-Free
  24. Butte, Montana: Long After the Boom Went Bust
  25. New Caledonia: Endemic Plants and Nickel Mining
  26. The Boreal: A Great Forest Under Threat
  27. Three Mile Island: Where Nuclear Hopes Melted Down
  28. Photographing the Infinity Room: Timing is Everything
  29. Global Freshwater: Not Enough to Go Around
  30. Pink Waters: Along the Yellow River
  31. The Most Beautiful Place in the World: IMHO
  32. The Carbon Cycle: Reporting on Disturbing News
  33. The Amazon: Lungs of the Earth, Burning
  34. Climate Change: The Atmosphere Doesn’t Lie
  35. Climate Change: Bugs Like it Better than Frogs
  36. The Maldives: A Coral Paradise Slipping Away
  37. Adélie Penguins: A Boat Ride to Remember
  38. Climate Scientists: Our Modern-Day Prophets
  39. The Chesapeake: Why Can’t We Save the Bay?
  40. Afternoon Thunderstorm: Nonpoint Source Pollution
  41. Modern Chemistry: Convenient with some Side Effects
  42. Nicaraguan Grown: Cigars with a Touch of Fungicide
  43. The Eyeless Child: Looking for Justice in a Dark World
  44. Chance Encounter: A Symbol of Technology Gone Wrong
  45. Plastics: Cheap, Durable, and Hard to Recycle
  46. An Ozark Snowstorm: Worth the Drive
  47. Darwin at 200: An Extraordinary Voyage and Place
  48. Canadian Oil Sands: Money Can Justify Anything
  49. A Tragic Beauty: Two Wings to Fly
  50. Finnish Moonlight: Sometimes it All Works Out
  51. Adapting to Change: An Example from Greenland
  52. Midday Light, Low Tide: The Best Time to Photograph
  53. Fraser Island: Pure Dingoes and Dunes
  54. Ansel Adams Wilderness: Let the Mountains Talk
  55. Lake Erie: A Not-So-Natural Summer Green
  56. The Mermaid Show: Florida Before the Sprawl
  57. Fertilizer: Can’t Live Without It or With It
  58. Afterword: Environmental Wisdom and the Courage to Face the Future
  59. Acknowledgements
  60. Technical Information
  61. Footnote