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OSCON 2016 - London, United Kingdom

Video Description

Keynotes from OSCON 2016 EU London are available now. The full conference will be available soon.

OSCON 2016 EU London was a gathering place for individuals passionate about open source, open data, open government, and open collaboration. This video gives you access to every keynote, tutorial, and session delivered during the four-day event. Leaders like EFF stalwart Cory Doctorow (BoingBoing), FOSS evangelist Lauri Apple (Zalando), FOSS leader Kris Borchers (Linux Foundation), and others opened each day with talks on how to keep the Web free forever, radical agility, the ever evolving JavaScript ecosystem, and more. Organized into a set of eight topics, the conference included twelve sessions on "the new stuff"; nine sessions on open source architecture; seven on collaboration and community; seven on open data and data science, six on infrastructure, six on the business of open source; five on real-life issues faced by open source advocates; and five on the potential and reality of open source ideas inside the UK government. With a speaker roster including the head of WikiMedia UK, the technical head of the Open Data Institute, IBM GameOn! experts, Perl White Camel winners, and the man who told the world your iPhone was recording your location at all times, this was a conference with something for everyone open source.

  • Unlimited access to all 10 keynotes, 62 sessions, and 6 tutorials–more than 63 hours of insight
  • Kate Craig-Wood (Memset) on blockchain technology and why it will change IT as we know it
  • Karen Sandler (Software Freedom Conservancy) on GPL enforcement actions and FOSS risk
  • Simon Phipps (Public Software CIC) on new structures for hosting European open source projects
  • Twelve new-stuff sessions: Dock-enabled CaaS, Hyperledger, Rust, Perl 6, Redis modules, and more
  • New open source initiatives at PayPal (Innersource)
  • Long-form tutorials on TensorFlow; ES6 and React; Redux and Angular 2; and the Go language
  • Six sessions on microservices development practices and tools: Swift, Spring Boot, and more
  • Open source practices at the UK’s GCHQ spy agency and the Something New political party