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One Year to an Organized Life: From Your Closets to Your Finances, the Week-by-Week Guide to Getting Completely Organized for Good

Book Description

The organized way to get organized: a week-by-week plan to forever streamline all aspects of your life.

Who would you be if you felt at peace and had more time and money? An organized life enables you to have more freedom, less aggravation, better health, and to get more done. For nearly twenty years, Regina Leeds--named Best Organizer by Los Angeles magazine--has helped even the messiest turn their lives around. Anyone can get organized--she'll prove it to you! One Year to an Organized Life is a unique week-by-week approach that you can begin at any time of year. Regina helps you break down tasks and build routines over time so that life becomes simple, not overwhelming.

* Master time management 
* Make your kitchen efficient 
* Permanently organize closets and drawers 
* Deal with your finances 
* Reclaim "dumping grounds" like the guest room, garage and basement 
* Declutter the kids' rooms 
* Organize your travel plans--and the vacation photos and souvenirs 
* Entertain with joy

Regina reveals her magic formula for organizing anything, plus her method to stop the chronic cycles of clutter, misplaced items, and lateness. Whether you're living in chaos or just looking for new ways to simplify, this essential book will help you get the whole household organized--and stay that way.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. 1.  JANUARY Understanding Time Management Working on the Kitchen
    1. Week 1: Why Am I Like This? Time Questions
    2. Week 2: Creating Schedules and Routines
    3. Week 3: Kitchen Questions
    4. Week 4: Whip Your Kitchen into Shape
  8. 2.  FEBRUARY Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary
    1. Week 1: Bedroom Questions
    2. Week 2: Get to the Bottom of Your Closet
    3. Week 3: Take Time for Your Space
    4. Week 4: Create a Bedroom You Love
  9. 3.  MARCH Organizing the Business of Life
    1. Week 1: Home Office Questions
    2. Week 2: Save Time
    3. Week 3: Make a Plan
    4. Week 4: Say Goodbye to Piles!
  10. 4.  APRIL Bathrooms: Chasing Your Cares Away!
    1. Week 1: Sing a New Song
    2. Week 2: Goo and Gunk Be Gone!
    3. Week 3: Reinvent the Space
    4. Week 4: Watch Your Personal Spa Appear
  11. 5.  MAY Tackling the Hidden Areas: Attic, Basement, Garage, Laundry Room, and Guest Room
    1. Week 1: What’s Hiding in Your Space?
    2. Week 2: Help Is at Hand: Resources!
    3. Week 3: The Projects Begin
    4. Week 4: Call More Areas to Order
  12. 6.  JUNE Traveling Light
    1. Week 1: Travel Questions
    2. Week 2: The Travel Checklist
    3. Week 3: Before You Leave the House
    4. Week 4: Pack and Bon Voyage!
  13. 7.  JULY Fun in the Sun: Scrapbooks, Memorabilia, Greeting Card Collections, and Your Address Book
    1. Week 1: Who Are All These People?
    2. Week 2: Stroll Down Memory Lane
    3. Week 3: Treasured Images
    4. Week 4: Creating Albums
  14. 8.  AUGUST Surviving Your Move
    1. Week 1: Moving Questions
    2. Week 2: Pack Up
    3. Week 3: Deal with the Movers
    4. Week 4: Moving Day
  15. 9.  SEPTEMBER Back-to-School Busy Season
    1. Week 1: School Year Questions
    2. Week 2: Kids’ Rooms
    3. Week 3: Get Your Kids to Stay Organized
    4. Week 4: Handle Obligations
  16. 10.  OCTOBER Relaxing in the Common Rooms
    1. Week 1: Home Questions
    2. Week 2: Has Anyone Seen the Dining Room Table?
    3. Week 3: Put Some Life in Your Living Room
    4. Week 4: The Family Room
  17. 11.  NOVEMBER Entertaining with Joy!
    1. Week 1: Holiday Stress Questions
    2. Week 2: Make a Clean Sweep
    3. Week 3: Plan the Menu
    4. Week 4: Countdown to T-Day
  18. 12.  DECEMBER Creating a Festive Atmosphere
    1. Week 1: Time to Make a Holiday Plan: Cards, Gifts, and More
    2. Week 2: Get Your Home Holiday-Ready
    3. Week 3: Volunteer with Good Cheer
    4. Week 4: Here’s to a Happy New Year!
  19. Epilogue
  20. Acknowledgments
  21. Resources
  22. Index