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On Purpose

Book Description

Define your business purpose and deliver multi-channel customer experiences to go beyond expectations and drive profitable growth.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for On Purpose
  3. Title Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. PART ONE    Stand up    Stand up
    1. 01    Purpose driven
      1. The wrong kind of purpose
      2. The right kind of purpose
      3. Insight helps to keep purpose relevant
      4. How purpose informs building your brand and your business
      5. giffgaff – a purpose-driven company
    2. 02    Purposeful leadership
      1. It takes conviction
      2. It is more about behaving in a purposeful way than ‘doing good’
      3. Stay true to your purpose as you grow
      4. Purposeful leaders show the way
      5. Purposeful leadership is about behaving, not saying
  7. PART TWO    Stand out    Stand out
    1. 03    Infectious communication
      1. Marketing should be a verb, not a noun
      2. Tell a story that people care about
      3. Bigger is not better
      4. When infectious communication goes wrong
      5. How do you engage in infectious communication?
      6. How to use infectious communication
    2. 04    Distinctive customer experience
      1. Fix it or feature it
      2. Create a multi-sensory experience
      3. Involve your customers in improving the experience
      4. Reinventing your industry
      5. Don’t ‘flat line’ the customer experience
      6. Best Western – ‘Hotels with personality’
    3. 05    Continuous innovation
      1. Constantly innovate in both large and small ways
      2. Drive innovation from a deep understanding of what target customers value
      3. Use your purpose to drive growth
      4. Focus innovation on the things that make you different
      5. Stand out – a summary
  8. PART THREE    Stand firm    Stand firm
    1. 06    Cult-like culture
      1. Creating the purposeful organization
    2. 07    Distinctive employee experience
      1. Turn your employees into fans
      2. Hire for DNA not MBA
      3. Engage and inspire your people to deliver your customer experience ‘on purpose’ through branded experience training
      4. Motivation is a poorly understood concept
      5. Motivating the greatest team on earth
    3. 08    Experience measurement
      1. The service profit chain: reloaded
      2. Putting it together
    4. 09    Never stand still
      1. That Berber moment…
      2. Get started and keep going
      3. IKEA
      4. Nissan
      5. Altro
    5. 10    On Purpose profile
      1. The On Purpose research findings
      2. Eight practices common to all purpose-led brands
    6. 11    How to implement – successfully
      1. The seven deadly sins of customer experience (CX)
      2. The CX Seven Step Guide: ENGAGE
      3. The CX Seven Step Guide: INSIGHT
      4. The CX Seven Step Guide: DEFINE
      5. The CX Seven Step Guide: DESIGN
      6. The CX Seven Step Guide: ALIGN
      7. The CX Seven Step Guide: MEASURE
      8. The CX Seven Step Guide: INNOVATE
    7. 12    Putting the principles into practice
      1. Liberty Global Business Services – case study
      2. Advice for other leaders
      3. Premier Inn – case study
      4. Advice for other leaders
  9. On purpose – multichannel
  10. The authors
  11. Acknowledgements
  12. Index
  13. Copyright