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No Fear

Book Description

Old-school, industrial-style leaders are in big trouble. Having just experienced the first small wave of globalisation, the mobile revolution and the consumer-driven economy, the next economic cycle (2011-2016) will be one where these key trends will be at the forefront of most businesses. Moreover, as digital technology develops further, the pace of change will accelerate. Managers and executives need to meet these challenges and their consequences head-on – and without fear.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. About the contributing authors
  4. A note about registered trademarks
  5. Introduction
  6. 1 Fear equals failure
    1. Today’s status: changing business fundamentals and orbiting leaders
    2. Left side of the brain versus the right side of the brain
    3. The Digital Cowboys of the PlayStation generation
    4. Your contribution to http://www.nofear-community.com
  7. 2 Why should I follow you? The challenge from the leader’s perspective.
    1. Leaders from the Industrial Revolution enter the digital age
    2. What is the fundamental change when leading an enterprise?
    3. What makes you authentic?
    4. What is your value creation? I mean, really?
    5. Welcome to the Professional Service Firm Culture
    6. Clarity, risk management and simplification
    7. Bill Fischer: Leaders and cowboys: unleashing talent in the digital age
  8. 3 Hey, old man. What do you know about me? The Challenge from the digital cowboy’s perspective.
    1. Hey, Boss – this is not just work
    2. What do you expect from a leader?
    3. Digital Cowboys as part of an organization
    4. What do we mean by a truly international experience?
    5. Philipp Rosenthal: Avoiding negative organizational gravity while becoming a Digital Cowboy
  9. 4 How does an industrial-age relic turn into an authentic leader?
    1. How many mistakes did I share today?
    2. Anatomy, physiology, psychology or psychology, physiology, anatomy?
    3. A leader is a producer, not an invisible delegator
    4. Is Facebook my value creation network?
    5. Choosing people: old world versus new world
    6. Me and my chairman
    7. Kari Hakola: The CEO as the number-one change agent
  10. 5 What I as an executive should change in my company, in practice.
    1. Theoretical versus practical models
    2. Organizational change in the age of the Digital Cowboy
    3. Victor Orlovski:What will the future be? Is the world vertical?
  11. 6 Places of magnificent growth and magnificent failure – emerging markets
    1. The amazing leap from second to fourth generation
    2. How to add value for Digital Cowboys in emerging markets
    3. Arkady Dvorkovich: New leadership for new leaders
    4. Birger Steen: Leading a team of Russian super-professionals
    5. Alex Lin: The Internet is speeding up the integration between China and the world
  12. 7 Technology – Your Saviour or Your Nemesis
    1. Information versus intelligence
    2. The leader’s role in all this change
    3. The consumerization of IT
    4. Simplify, amplify and the IT infrastructure
    5. Simplification versus customization
    6. Learning from previous technology cycles
    7. The next technology cycle and new leadership
    8. Mårten Mickos:Building the next-generation enterprise
  13. 8 Fearless means stupidity. NO FEAR can mean success
    1. The burden of doing only the right things
    2. Complete transparency and trust are key
    3. The grand finale: conclusions
  14. Bibliography
  15. Notes