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New Cambridge Statistical Tables, Second Edition

Book Description

The latest edition of this very successful and authoritative set of tables still benefits from clear typesetting, which makes the figures easy to read and use. It has, however, been improved by the addition of new tables that provide Bayesian confidence limits for the binomial and Poisson distributions, and for the square of the multiple correlation coefficient, which have not been previously available. The intervals are the shortest possible, consistent with the requirement on probability. Great care has been taken to ensure that it is clear just what is being tabulated and how the values may be used; the tables are generally capable of easy interpolation. The book contains all the tables likely to be required for elementary statistical methods in the social, business and natural sciences. It will be an essential aid for teachers, researchers and students in those subjects where statistical analysis is not wholly carried out by computers.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Prefaces
  6. Table: 1 The Binomial Distribution Function
  7. Table: 2 The Poisson Distribution Function
  8. Table: 3 Binomial Coefficients
  9. Table: 4 The Normal Distribution Function
  10. Table: 5 Percentage Points of the Normal Distribution
  11. Table: 6 Logarithms of Factorials
  12. Table: 7 The χ2-Distribution Function
  13. Table: 8 Percentage Points of the χ2-Distribution
  14. Table: 9 The t-Distribution Function
  15. Table: 10 Percentage Points of the t-Distribution
  16. Table: 11 Percentage Points of Behrens’ Distribution
  17. Table: 12 Percentage Points of the F-Distribution
  18. Table: 13 Percentage Points of the Correlation Coefficient r when ρ = 0
  19. Table: 14 Percentage Points of Spearman’s S
  20. Table: 15 Percentage Points of Kendall’s K
  21. Table: 16 The z-Transformation of the Correlation Coefficient
  22. Table: 17 The Inverse of the z-Transformation
  23. Table: 18 Percentage Points of the Distribution of the Number of Runs
  24. Table: 19 Upper Percentage Points of the Two-Sample Kolmogorov—Smirnov Distribution
  25. Table: 20 Percentage Points of Wilcoxon’s Signed-Rank Distribution
  26. Table: 21 Percentage Points of the Mann—Whitney Distribution
  27. Table: 22A Expected Values of Normal Order Statistics (Normal Scores)
  28. Table: 22B Sums of Squares of Normal Scores
  29. Table: 23 Upper Percentage Points of the One-Sample Kolmogorov—Smirnov Distribution
  30. Table: 24 Upper Percentage Points of Friedman’s Distribution
  31. Table: 25 Upper Percentage Points of the Kruskal-Wallis Distribution
  32. Table: 26 Hypergeometric Probabilities
  33. Table: 27 Random Sampling Numbers
  34. Table: 28 Random Normal Deviates
  35. Table: 29 Bayesian Confidence Limits for a Binomial Parameter
  36. Table: 30 Bayesian Confidence Limits for a Poisson Mean
  37. Table: 31 Bayesian Confidence Limits for the Square of a Multiple Correlation Coefficient
  38. A Note on Interpolation
  39. Constants