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Networking to Win

Book Description

Social media networks are the fastest, most cost-efficient, and effective way for businesses to expand their business and promote their products. Steve Bookbinder, social media business guru, and John K. Waters, veteran hi-tech report, show businesses how to take advantage of the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, along with dozens of other social media sites to access millions of potential clients and customer.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Foreword
  5. Introduction
  6. Chapter 1. The Social Media Landscape
    1. Types of Social Media
    2. The Big Three
    3. What about Everybody Else?
  7. Chapter 2. The Power of Social Media Marketing
    1. What Social Media Marketing Can Do
    2. Getting Your Feet Wet
    3. Getting Involved, Getting Focused
    4. Compelling Content
    5. The Cost: Time and Maybe a Little Money
    6. Social Media Daily: What to Do with Half an Hour a Day
    7. Is It Worth Thirty Minutes at Day?
  8. Chapter 3. Social Marketing Essentials
    1. Push Versus Pull
    2. It’s Not the Pitch; It’s the Conversation
    3. Back to Fundamentals
    4. Strategic Content
    5. Scheduling Your Updates and Interactions
    6. It’s All about Relationships
    7. The Rubber Meets the Road
  9. Chapter 4. Facebook Marketing
    1. Facebook Tools
    2. Customizing Your Page
    3. Cool Tools for Facebook
    4. Marketing on Facebook: Try This
    5. A Final Word of Warning
  10. Chapter 5. The Twitter Advantage
    1. A Quick Overview
    2. Getting the Conversation Started
    3. The Fine Art of the Tweet
    4. Some Twitter Basics
    5. What to Tweet?
    6. Tools for Twitter
    7. Marketing on Twitter: Try This
    8. Tweeting Means Good Business
  11. Chapter 6. The LinkedIn Connection
    1. The Social Platform for Business
    2. The B-to-B Game Changer
    3. The Second No-Brainer
    4. What’s All This about Degrees?
    5. Cool Tools and Applications
    6. Marketing on LinkedIn: Try This
    7. The Most Important Thing to Remember about LinkedIn
  12. Chapter 7. Tools of the Trade
    1. Social Media Dashboards
    2. Other Cool Tools
  13. Chapter 8. Other Social Media Services to Consider
    1. Beyond Facebook: Mainstream Social Networks You Should Get to Know
    2. Other Business Networks
    3. Niche Social Networks
    4. YouTube
    5. Opinion and Review Sites
    6. Social Bookmarking
    7. Social News
  14. Chapter 9. Measuring Your Results
    1. Keep It Simple
    2. What You Can Measure
    3. The Less Tangible Elements: Beyond Metrics
    4. How to Measure?
  15. Epilogue
  16. Also Available
  17. Copyright Page