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My Digital Photography for Seniors

Book Description

My Digital Photography for Seniors

Easy, clear, readable, and focused on what you want to do.

Step-by-step instructions for the tasks you care about most

Large, full-color, close-up photos show you exactly what to do

Common-sense help whenever you run into problems

Tips and notes to help you do even more

Over the years, you’ve learned a lot. Now, learn digital photography!

We’ve identified all the skills you need to take great photos, organize and protect your images, tell powerful visual stories, and safely share your images with family and friends.

Big, colorful photos on nearly every page make this book incredibly easy to read and use!

·         Take amazing pictures with your smartphone, tablet, or any camera

·         Become a better photographer, one easy technique at a time

·         Master easy tools for viewing, organizing, editing, and sharing photos

·         Create a digital diary that tells an unforgettable story

·         Safely exchange photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

·         Make prints for framing, scrapbooks, or photo albums

·         Create bound photo books to chronicle important events and memories

·         Combine your photos and thoughts in a digital journal

·         Securely store copies of your photos online

·         Share images through email, iCloud, Shutterfly, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox

·         View digital slide shows on your TV or mobile device

·         Automatically “geo-tag” new photos with their location


Two additional chapters, bonus articles, and a Glossary are available to you at Click the Downloads tab to access the links to download the PDF files.

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. About AARP and AARP TEK
  8. Dedication
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. We Want to Hear from You!
  11. Reader Services
  12. 1. Getting Started with Digital Photography Using Your Mobile Device
    1. Digital Photography Is Both a Skill and an Art Form
    2. Some Digital Photography Basics
      1. Making Photos More Useful with Metadata
      2. Not All Digital Cameras Are Alike
    3. The Main Steps Involved with Digital Photography
      1. An Overview of Picture-Taking
    4. Start Taking Photos
  13. 2. Taking Amazing Pictures with Your Smartphone or Tablet
    1. Launching the Camera App on Your Mobile Device
      1. Launch the Camera App on iOS
      2. Launch the Camera App on Android
    2. Understanding Popular Camera Features and Functions
      1. Use the Shutter Button to Snap a Photo
      2. Working with Autofocus Sensors
      3. Zoom In on Your Subject
      4. Burst Mode Is Perfect for Capturing Action
      5. Shed Light on Your Subject Using a Flash
      6. Discover How HDR Mode Can Improve Your Shots
      7. Portrait Versus Landscape Mode
      8. The Timer and Time Lapse Options Can Be Useful
      9. Panoramic Shots Are Ideal for Shooting Landscapes
      10. An Image Filter Can Dramatically Alter the Appearance of an Image
    3. Adjusting the Camera App’s Settings Before Taking Pictures
      1. Take Pictures with Your iPhone or iPad
      2. Turn On/Off the iPhone or iPad’s Grid Feature
      3. Using the Camera App with an Android-Based Device
      4. Take Pictures with Your Android Device
      5. Understanding the Settings Menu Options
      6. Understanding the Mode Options
    4. You Have the Skill, Now Perfect the Art Form Aspect of Digital Photography
  14. 3. Improving Your Photography Skills
    1. Breaking Your Current Picture-Taking Habits
    2. Knowing Your Objectives
    3. Finding Visually Interesting Subjects
      1. Photograph an Inanimate Object
    4. Using the Rule of Thirds as You Frame Your Shots
      1. Use the Rule of Thirds When Framing Your Shots
    5. Paying Attention to Lighting
    6. Choosing a Shooting Angle or Perspective
    7. Taking Advantage of Your Surroundings
    8. Taking More Interesting Portraits and Candid Shots of People
      1. Strategies for Taking Candid Shots of People
      2. Strategies for Taking Posed Portraits
    9. Capturing Action Shots with Ease
    10. Making Your Travel Photos as Memorable as Your Adventures
      1. Keep Taking Photos Throughout Your Travels
      2. Take Photos of Signs Wherever You Go
      3. Mix and Match Different Types of Shots
      4. Shoot Through Glass
    11. Overcoming Common Shooting Challenges and Mistakes
  15. 4. Transferring Photos to Your Computer
    1. Determining Your Available Storage
      1. Manage Your iOS Mobile Device’s Internal Storage
      2. Manage Your Android Smartphone or Tablet’s Internal Storage
    2. Syncing Your Digital Photo Library Between Your Mobile Device and Computer Via the Internet
      1. What You Need to Know About Cloud-Based Services
      2. Using Microsoft OneDrive to Sync Your Photos
      3. Using iCloud Photo Library to Sync Your Photos
      4. Using Dropbox to Sync Your Photos
      5. Finding Other Cloud-Based Photo Storage Options
    3. Transferring Digital Photos from Your Mobile Device to Your Windows PC or Mac Via a USB Cable
      1. Transfer Content from Your Mobile Device to a Windows PC
      2. Transfer Content from Your Mobile Device to a Mac
    4. Transferring Images Wirelessly
      1. Using AirDrop to Transfer Photos from iOS to Your Mac
      2. Use Bluetooth to Transfer Images from an Android Mobile Device to Your Computer
    5. Manually Deleting Photos from Your Mobile Device
      1. Delete Photos from Your iPhone/iPad
      2. Delete Photos from Your Android-Based Mobile Device
    6. Working with Images Stored on Your Computer
  16. 5. Viewing, Editing, and Enhancing Photos On Your Mobile Device
    1. Enhancing and Editing Photos
    2. Using Common Photo Editing Tools Built in to Smartphone and Tablet Apps
      1. Straightening Shots
      2. Rotating Images
      3. Cropping Images
      4. Additional Editing Tools
    3. Using the Photo Editing and Enhancement Apps On Your Device
      1. Edit with the iOS Photos App
      2. Using the Photos App on an Android Smartphone or Tablet
  17. 6. Viewing, Editing, and Enhancing Photos Using Your Computer
    1. Editing and Enhancing Images on Your PC Using the Photos App
      1. Get Started Using the Photos App
      2. Understanding the Photos App’s Main Tools
      3. Using the Editing and Enhancement Tools
    2. Editing and Enhancing Images on Your Mac Using the Photos App
      1. Edit Images Using the Photos App on a Mac
      2. Getting Acquainted with the Photo App’s Editing Tools
  18. 7. Organizing and Managing Photos On Your Computer
    1. Using Custom-Named Folders
      1. Create Custom Folders on a PC
      2. Copy or Move Images into a PC Folder
      3. Rename Images on a PC
      4. Create Custom Folders on a Mac
      5. Copy or Move Images into a Mac Folder
      6. Rename Image Files on a Mac
    2. Altering Image Metadata
      1. Adjusting Image File Metadata from a PC
      2. Adjusting Image File Metadata from a Mac
  19. 8. Organizing and Managing Photos On Your Mobile Device
    1. Organizing Your Photos On an iPhone or iPad
      1. Open an Album
      2. Browse Collections
      3. Create New Albums
      4. Delete or Move an Album
      5. Copy Photos Between Albums
      6. Delete Images from Albums
      7. Add Images to Your Favorites Album
    2. Organizing Your Photos On an Android-Based Smartphone or Tablet
      1. Access and View Your Albums
      2. Create New Albums
      3. Hide Albums
      4. Delete or Rename Albums
      5. Delete Images from Albums
      6. Sorting Images
  20. 9. Sharing Pictures with Family and Friends via Email and Instant Messages
    1. Understanding the Pros and Cons of Using Email to Share Photos
    2. Sending Emails That Contain Photos from Your Smartphone or Tablet
      1. Send Images via Your Device’s Mail App
      2. Send Photos from Your iPhone or iPad’s Photos App
      3. Send Photos from Your Android Device’s Gallery App
    3. Emailing from Your Computer
      1. Add Photos to an Email
    4. Sending Images Between Devices
      1. Send Photos with AirDrop
      2. Sharing Photos with Bluetooth (Android Devices)
    5. Sending Photos in Messages
  21. 10. Sharing Photos Online
    1. Using Cloud Storage Services
    2. Using Online Photo Sharing Services
      1. Use to Showcase and Share Your Photos
    3. Social Media Services
    4. Getting Started with Facebook
      1. Publish Photos on Your Facebook Wall
      2. Create a Facebook Photo Album
    5. Getting Started with Twitter
      1. Compose a Tweet Featuring Your Photo
    6. Getting Started with Instagram
      1. Publishing Photos on Instagram
  22. 11. Creating a Digital Diary That Tells a Story
    1. Understanding the Difference Between a Written and Digital Diary
    2. Getting Acquainted with Digital Diary Software
      1. Create an Entry in Day One
      2. Work with Day One Entries
      3. Using Journal for Windows
    3. Setting Up an Online Digital Diary
  23. 12. Ordering Prints from Your Digital Images
    1. Finding an App
    2. Ordering Prints from Your Mobile Device
      1. Order Prints with Kicksend
    3. Ordering from an Online-Only Photo Lab
      1. Order Prints with the FreePrints App
    4. Creating Prints from Your Computer
      1. Ordering from a One-Hour Photo Lab
      2. Ordering from an Online-Only Photo Lab
      3. Order from Apple
  24. 13. Printing Digital Photos from Your Own Printer
    1. Shopping for a Photo Printer
    2. Understanding Printer Ink and Photo Paper
    3. Creating Prints from Your Computer or Mobile Device
      1. Create Prints on Windows PCs
      2. Create Prints on Macs
      3. Create Prints Using AirPrint
  25. 14. Creating Compelling Photo Albums, Scrapbooks, and Photo Books
    1. Setting a Strategy for Your Photo Album, Scrapbook, or Photo Book
    2. Finding the Best Supplies
    3. Creating a Photo Book Using Your Computer
      1. Getting Acquainted with Blurb
      2. Download the Blurb Photo Book Software
      3. Use the Blurb BookSmart Software
    4. Taking the Next Step
  26. Index
  27. 15. Creating and Sharing Animated Digital Slide Shows
    1. Animated Slide Show Options
    2. Make Your Slide Show Look Amazing
    3. Creating Slide Shows from Your Windows PC
      1. Start a Slide Show with the Photos App
    4. Producing and Sharing Slide Shows from Your Mac
      1. Create a Slide Show Using the Photos App
    5. Producing Slide Shows on Your Mobile Device
    6. Finding Slide Show Tools Online
  28. 16. Backing Up and Archiving Your Digital Photo Library
    1. Backing Up Images Using an External Hard Drive
      1. Set Up Your PC to Back Up Automatically
      2. Set Up Your Mac to Back Up Automatically
    2. Backing Up Your Smartphone or Tablet
    3. Finding Online Backup Solutions for PC or Mac
    4. Set It Up, But Don’t Forget It
  29. Glossary
  30. Using Optional Photo Editing and Enhancement Apps
    1. Adobe Photoshop Express
    2. Color Splash
    3. Enlight
    4. Facetune
    5. Pixelmator
  31. Optional Photo Editing Software Options for PCs and Macs
    1. Adobe Photoshop
    2. Google Picasa
    3. Pixelmator for Macs
    4. Portrait Pro