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Murdoch’s World

Book Description

NPR’s media correspondent delves into the most influential media company in the world, News Corporation, showing how Murdoch survived the corruption scandal that nearly tore it apart In July 2012, testifying before a British parliamentary inquiry about the News of the World telephone hacking scandal, Rupert Murdoch experienced what he called “the most humble day of my life.” Murdoch seemed certain to lose control of the monolithic news company he had built from a single Australian daily. The drama was all the more remarkable because of his unrivaled political and cultural influence worldwide, through Britain’s take-no-prisoners tabloids, the top-rated Fox News Channel, the New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Within months, Murdoch, bloodied but not bowed, reasserted his hold by splitting News Corp into two companies. The summer’s stories of the jockeying among Murdoch’s children and corporate lieutenants to succeed him were silenced; what promised to be the second half of King Lear never unfolded. News Corp marched on, its king aging but firmly on the throne. In Murdoch’s World, David Folkenflik tells the story of how News Corp survived this tumultuous chapter, and of the man who makes the news, literally: Rupert Murdoch.