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Multirate Signal Processing for Communication Systems

Book Description

Multirate Signal Processing for Communication Systems: Current Practice and Next Generation Techniquesfredric j harris

Multirate signal processing can reduce costs and improve performance in applications ranging from laboratory instruments to cable modems, wireless systems, and consumer entertainment products. This book offers the first systematic, clear, and intuitive introduction to multirate signal processing for working engineers and system designers.

The author uses extensive examples and figures to illuminate a wide range of multirate techniques, from basic resampling to leading-edge cascade and multiple-stage filter structures. Along the way, he draws on extensive research and consulting experience to introduce processing itricksi shown to maximize performance and efficiency.

Coverage includes:

  • Effective sampling and resampling in time and frequency domains

  • Relationships between IIR Filter specifications and filter length (taps)

  • Window design and equal-ripple (Remez) design techniques

  • Square-Root Nyquist and Half Band Filters, including new design enhancements

  • Polyphase IIR Filters: up-sampling, down-sampling, and cascade up-down sampling

  • Polyphase interpolators and filters that perform arbitrary sample rate change

  • Dyadic Half Band Filters, including quadrature mirror and IIR Filters

  • Polyphase Channelizers, including M-path modulators, demodulator channel banks, simultaneous interpolation, and channel bank formation

  • Comprehensive coverage of recursive all-pass filtersoa topic never before covered in this detail

  • Comparisons with traditional DSP design techniques

  • Extensive applications coverage throughout

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Preface
    3. Why Multirate Filters?
      1. Compact Disc 4-to-1 Oversample
      2. Anti-alias Filtering
    4. The Resampling Process
      1. The Sampling Sequence
      2. What Is a Multirate Filter?
      3. Useful Perspectives for Multirate Filters
      4. Nyquist and The Sampling Process
    5. Digital Filters
      1. Filter Specifications
      2. Windowing
      3. The Remez Algorithm
    6. Useful Classes of Filters
      1. Nyquist Filter and Square-root Nyquist Filter
      2. The Communication Path
      3. The Sampled Cosine Taper
      4. Half-band Filters
    7. Systems That Use Resampling Filters
      1. Filtering with Large Ratio of Sample Rate to Bandwidth
      2. Workload of Multirate Filter
    8. Polyphase FIR Filters
      1. Channelizer
      2. Separating the Aliases
    9. Resampling Filters
      1. Interpolators
      2. Interpolator Architecture
      3. Band-pass Interpolator
      4. Rational Ratio Resampling
      5. Arbitrary Resampling Ratio
      6. Farrow Filter
    10. Half-band Filters
      1. Half-band Low Pass Filters
      2. Half-band High pass Filter
      3. Window Design of Half-band Filter
      4. Remez Algorithm Design of Half-band Filters
      5. Hilbert Transform Band-pass Filter
      6. Interpolating with Low Pass Half-band Filters
      7. Dyadic Half-band Filters
    11. Polyphase Channelizers
      1. Demodulator Channel Bank
      2. Arbitrary Output Sample Rates
    12. Recursive Polyphase Filters
      1. All-Pass Recursive Filters
      2. 2 Two-path All-Pass Recursive Filters
      3. Comparison of Nonuniform and Equal-Ripple Phase Two-path Filters
      4. Pass Band and Stop band Response in Half-Band Filters
      5. Transforming Half-band to Arbitrary Bandwidth
      6. Multirate Considerations of Recursive Halfband Filters
      7. Hilbert-Transform Filter Variant of Twopath All-pass Filter
      8. M-path Recursive All-pass Filters
      9. Iterated Half-band Filters
    13. Cascade Integrator Comb Filters
      1. A Multiply-free Filter
      2. Binary Integers and Overflow
      3. Multistage CIC
      4. Hogenauer Filter
      5. CIC Interpolator Example
      6. Coherent and Incoherent Gain in CIC Integrators
    14. Cascade and Multiple Stage Filter Structures
      1. Interpolated FIR (IFIR) Filters
      2. Spectral Masking Filters Based Of Half-Band Filters
      3. Spectral Masking Filters Based on Complementary Filters
      4. Proportional Bandwidth Filter Banks
    15. Communication Systems Applications
      1. Conventional Digital Down Converters
      2. Aliasing Digital Down Converters
      3. Timing Recovery in a Digital Demodulator
      4. Modem Carrier Recovery
      5. Digitally Controlled Sampled Data Delay
      6. Interpolated Shaping Filter
      7. Sigma-delta Decimating Filter
      8. FM Receiver and Demodulator
    16. Index