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Moving On UP: Changing Your Approach at the Managerial Level

Book Description

When you make the transition to management, you'll find that while the basic principles that have guided your career thus far still apply, your approach to them must change. Things look somewhat different at the managerial level, and your duties and decisions are more significant and encompassing. Sure, the perks are better, but so are the responsibilities! In order to adapt to your new circumstances, you'll have to revamp your thinking toward:

  • Managing others, not just yourself.

  • Delegating tasks that other people can do just effectively and more cheaply.

  • Managing meetings, so they don't eat up your precious time.

  • Effectively juggling multiple projects with many moving parts.

  • Following up with your team and keeping them positively motivated, without micromanaging.

  • Maintaining a positive outlook that pervades your team and consistently helps you move forward.

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, will guide you on your new path toward managerial success. Even if you're not quite there yet, it will give you something to look forward to!